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LaCoya Shelton hosts the inspiring and greatly informational Revolutionary HR Consulting podcast Join the Revolution! Perhaps the most detailed and actionable of its kind, the show digs deep into a variety of topics designed to help you bridge the gap between Human Resource systems and business strategies.

In order to help you maximize your company’s or your workforce’s output, this podcast offers insight and advice to help you become a strategic workforce cultivator – tackling potential problems or issues and directly addressing these with realistic solutions and actual examples of results.

Each episode delves into a different topic relating to business and HR, often welcoming a guest – experts in their fields, leaders and CEO’s with extensive experience and long-standing examples of effective systems.

As far as business podcasts go, there’s something immediately interesting and useful about the way LaCoya gets straight into the details and issues at hand. A recent episode entitled “Sorry, Not Sorry” – Apologizing at Work, as an example, sees the conversation jump straight into the subject matter – the guest, Amy Lieberman, offering up instant situations and relatable experiences that prove to be quite comforting and even motivational for the business mind.

The pair talk about mastering the art of apologizing, a simple thing in theory but something that can either make or break a business or work relationship if handled badly (or not handled at all). Though the whole thing is notably business-intended, there’s also plenty to learn and consider about human behavior in general, which makes it all the more worthy of your time.

Being that this is a fairly new podcast, it’s extremely impressive how useful and passively instructional the first few episodes have been. Future discussions are likely to be all the more fascinating and well worth including as part of your weekly routine – particularly if you’re trying to build a stronger business or HR system of your own. These are successful and level-headed leaders in various business roles, and you can tell just from this most recent episode that the insight to follow will be equally valuable.

Listen to all episodes here. Connect with Revolutionary HR Consulting on Twitter & LinkedIn or visit LaCoya Shelton’s Website for more information.


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