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Introducing Sisters in Sobriety – Podcast


As the collective consciousness of the modern world continues to explore the true meaning of good health and well being, and in unison, the podcast realm continues to explode, the globally accepted utilisation of alcohol is slowly beginning to gather its rightful criticism.

If you’ve finally grown tired of the impending doom, anxiety and headaches of the morning after, Sisters In Sobriety is a thoughtfully crafted new podcast, designed to explore the pathways towards sobriety, and to support you through every step of your new life choice.

Sonia Kahlon and Kathleen Killen host Sisters in Sobriety, sisters-in-law whom both took the plunge and decided to remove themselves from the social commonplace of intoxication. Their journey is one loaded with highs and lows, relatable struggles and also inspiring enlightenment and joy. Their conversations promise honesty, and tackle this subject matter in a broad way – ranging from social drinking to full blown alcohol addiction (plus all that falls in between).

Intertwining infectious optimism, humour and heartfelt revelations, Sisters In Sobriety is a fully focused, professionally recorded podcast, presenting a fine balance between welcoming warmth and genuine expertise.

One recent episode entitled Breaking The Cycle offers an invaluable look at transforming family dynamics in recovery. Samantha Barnes joins the conversation, a registered psychotherapist with twenty years of experience in guiding families through the struggles of addiction. It’s an eye-opening discussion, and one that will likely deliver hints of familiarity and relevance to almost all listeners.

If you’ve ever felt the pain of regret after drinking alcohol, or seen the darker side of those you love when trapped under its spell, Sisters In Sobriety is an absolute must. Statistically, the younger generations are drinking much less than previous ones, and as more and more information comes out about the dangers of drinking, understanding its impact on mental health and the truly actionable ways to say goodbye to it for good is becoming essential.

Sisters In Sobriety helps bridge the gap between the seemingly impossible and the life-changingly hopeful, and at the same time provides a comforting, friendly group session-vibe, which effectively surrounds you with like-minded individuals.

Find Sisters In Sobriety on Apple. Follow creators Ever Blume on Instagram or visit their Website for more information.

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