Todd Faroe - “I know I’m too damn good, and this is not me being cocky. This is what confidence in yourself sounds like." - Stereo Stickman

Todd Faroe “I know I’m too damn good, and this is not me being cocky. This is what confidence in yourself sounds like.”


Backed by a repertoire spanning throughout the past decade, rapper and artist Todd Faroe is far from a stranger to the scene. As his new single Heavy Crown continues to rise up within the Hip Hop realm, we caught an interview with Todd to find out more about the song, his journey so far, and his plans for the future. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Todd Faroe – creative artist, rapper, and performer – it’s great to interview you. For those new to your music, where are you based, and when did you first start making music?

Thank you for the interview! For those who are new, I write and produce Alternative Hip-Hop, I’m based in Fort Worth, TX at the moment, and I first started making music at the age of 11. I recorded my first verse with my oldest brother’s friends when I was 14 I think.

Tell me about Heavy Crown – a powerful performance and soundscape – how did the track come to be, and what does it represent for you?

Heavy Crown is a piece of music that I wrote and put out to tell people I’m done being Humble, and quiet. It was my way of saying “I know I’m too damn good, and this is not me being cocky. This is what confidence in yourself sounds like.”

As soon as things started getting better and I was getting mentioned in this blog or that blog or in talks with this label or a manager from whatever other indie label, I noticed the people who I felt were rooting for me, their energy and demeanor changed. So I changed as well. And if It takes upsetting some people, then fine.

The grit and passion, even the flow and production are a far step from your 2014 release Acid. What’s the biggest change to your mindset and approach now – what have you learned over the past decade?

Fun Fact about my song Acid! I recorded that song on my old iPhone 4s in voice memos, sent it to my email, bounced it to whatever FL Studio version I had back then, did my best to clean it up and add the effects I felt fit for that song, which is a true story by the way.

But I mean, the simple truth is that life just kept changing, and so did I. My taste in music, different choices and situations in life influenced me. Growth pretty much if I’m being honest. And I’ve learned that no matter how you feel in life right now with everything you’ve accomplished, there’s always more room to grow and improve.

Have your influences changed over time, or do you still listen to the same artists and albums that always connected with you?

I wouldn’t say changed. It’s definitely grown and the only reason I say that is because there are still old albums I go back and listen to that inspired me during 2014. Adding that to what influences me now days, it’s a really exciting time whenever I’m writing or producing something new!

Do you have much planned in the way of live performance, and how does the stage aspect compare to time spent in the studio – how do you gear up for a live show, and what can audiences expect?

I try to keep it simple. Just make sure the lights match the vibe of my set and my voice is in tune with the music in the monitors.

Whenever I record a song in the studio to put out on streaming services, that’s it. That’s the final product. However! Whenever I perform it live, my energy, and my demeanor is a little bit more intense and fun than what you’ve heard on Apple Music, Spotify or, whatever. Hell, sometimes I even change the lyrics of a song for that show because I don’t play background vocals whenever I perform.

Every song I write I study it and memorize it. Even the cues of “the beat drops or does this weird thing at set time. So is there a way to say something else while still keeping the story interesting?” Something will always be different at my shows, and the fans who know and love my music will spot the difference.

What keeps you inspired to create music, and what’s your biggest ambition right now?

My life honestly. Everyday there’s something new interesting or inspiring that keeps that creative spirit alive and thriving.

In 2020 you released the lo-fi melodic single Smile – unique again but recognizable for your lyrical story-telling and creative freedom. What was the process for this single, and how would you describe the style?

I was at a point in life where all musicians have been. A full creative block. Any beat I made or wrote sounded like complete garbage. And I lost myself. I lost the girl I was dating at the time. I lost friends. Nothing was going my way. And the only way I felt I could get out of this dark place I was in, was to give up a piece of my happiness for a moment, in order to face the issues and doubts within myself. That song saved me. When I finished it, I felt like myself again. And it’s just as you said. It’s lo-fi Hip-Hop

Do you produce your own tracks, and if so, how do you decide which direction to take things?

Sometimes I will produce my own tracks. It all depends on how my mood is that day and what sound am I going for. Do I want something chill? Do I want some hype mosh pit type shit? Or do I wanna snap and be ruthless.

Do you have a plan of action for 2024?

Yeah. One word. Thrive.

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given?

“There will always be people who want to see you sad, hurt, miserable. Try to take your joy and your light away. Never let them. Rise up and shine on like the Sun you are!”

Thank you.

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