Timothy Michael Immen - "It’s really upsetting how human life is just tortured & dies in the most horrible ways, it’s like a game to people who have a lot of control." - Stereo Stickman

Timothy Michael Immen “It’s really upsetting how human life is just tortured & dies in the most horrible ways, it’s like a game to people who have a lot of control.”


Prior to the official release of a full length album, creative composer and songwriter Timothy Michael Immen kindly took part in an interview.

We talk about the new music, the process of writing, artistic ambitions, themes, and plenty more. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Timothy – thanks for the interview, and huge congrats for the new album. For those new to your work, how would you describe the music you make?

Hey, thanks for interviewing me. I would describe my music as alt indie electronica. I do it all, and I work with who I can. Sometimes I even sing haha.

What’s your creative process like – do you begin with an idea, start at the piano, or build a soundscape with software?

I definitely start with an idea and I start messing around with the software. Let’s say I have a mood and then when I am making the sounds, I start to develop a sort of picture of how the experience of the music will be. I go from there as far as I can push a song realistically.

What does the new album represent for you – what theme or intention connects the tracks within?

The Early 2020’s Essentials is just a core sample of my work during Covid and this time in my life. I plan to be a lifelong producer, so, I wanted to really give a taste of this time to those that wanted it and I set it to release with the full self titled album concurrently so that I can offer people the chance to check out what I made.

What was the inspiration behind the uplifting and multilayered tones of The Living Word?

I started making the song and I knew I had a really cool sound going, which I felt fortunate for. I felt it was like a study song, you know? I wanted to capture that excited academic and emotional feeling of exploring other people’s great works.

Digital Cowboy differs distinctly, with a vocal concept and character. What was your mindset when writing this, and how does it feel to listen back now?

First things first, I love this song but I know it’s kind of a flawed song by nature. And honestly, I’m OK with that. I was dancing and really excited when I made this song. I’d still like to do a music video now that I hear it again, I really feel that would add something special to the music.

What about A Real Toy Soldier – Experimental, industrial, unorthodox; what are the sounds used, and why?

It’s really a statement song. It’s pro people, but not pro complex. So, I wanted to give that hellish experience, especially after talking to vets and having one of my best friends, Saint G, tell me about his experiences doing radar on a submarine in the navy.

So, I really wanted people to know, it’s really upsetting how human life is just tortured and dies in the most horrible ways, and it’s like it’s a game to people who have a lot of control over it. I hope they know that.

Do you perform much on stage, and what’s the live scene like for this kind of music in Jeong Nam?

I sang at my friend’s wedding in Korea! But, I want to do live shows after I establish an actual presence and career in music that I can feasibly live on. Jeong Nam is the country side, I’m basically in the middle of a developing rural town.

Who first inspired you to make music?

My mom, she said I had a gift from God.

Is collaboration a part of your plans, and if so – who would be your dream collaborator?

I love working with Saint G. I love working with anyone who is genuinely interested in aspiring to do something really cool, even if it doesn’t turn out perfect. I would want to collaborate with Phil Collins. For real.

What’s your biggest aspiration as a creative – live shows, music for film and media, a bigger audience, something else?

Bigger audience and music for passion projects. I want to make an income, so, I guess music for film or for video games. I’d absolutely love to do an OST for real, like I mean heart and soul, something special, for those mediums.

What would be the main thing you’d want listeners to know about you when they experience your music?

I’m a real person and so are they.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Just thank you for the interview and giving some time to listen to my work. Anyone who takes it seriously has a friend in me. Thank you.

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Find Timothy Michael Immen on Soundcloud.

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