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TimBdagod Interview


Following the release of his new track Bars No Lyricswe caught up with artist and rapper TimBdagod for a quick chat about his music and his plans for 2017. 

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Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Bars No Lyrics is a great track, the concept is memorable, and as mentioned in our write-up, the hook really strikes well. What’s the writing process like for you – do you get a beat playing and just freestyle until the right words fall into place, or do you take the time out to write about certain topics or ideas?

I do both but I take my time and critique my message. I get the beat that speaks to me & either way, whether writing or not writing, I have my material prepared before entering the booth. It doesn’t take me long once I have my vision of the track though.

Will there be a longer project; an EP, mixtape or album, in the near future?

Yes, the project will be Best Thing Since Nelly 3. It will be released as a mixtape but it will also be available on iTunes, Spotify etc. No release date as of yet but I got a lot of freestyles I will be dropping in the meantime.

What’s the best lyric you’ve written so far, in your opinion, from any of your tracks to date, and what is it that makes a certain line or lyric stand out?

From a song of mine called Ment To Be Sold, I said – where I’m from the game meant to be sold, it aint meant to be told, so how you make it nobody know cause they aint got enough dough, and it stands out because its real, & powerful. A question and the answer within itself but that’s for those who get it to get it.

How do you feel about the music industry at present – do you find it easy to reach out to the right kind of audience, or has social media gone from making it easier to be heard to making it much harder in recent years?

It’s good music out there but the market is flooded. I look at it like only the strong survive. All I got to do is grind, stay true to me, and it’s wide open for guys like myself because 90% of artists do what’s popular or what’s hot in that moment. I feel like social media is huge, like myself I believe just because I may love Kodak Black’s music that doesn’t mean I can’t also like Gucci Mane. It’s always an opportunity to gain a fan, gain an ear, but when you do you gotta make it count, make it worth it for the listener.

How important is performing live to you as an artist, and where can people look out for you over the coming months?

Performing is the chance to get intimate with the fans, so to speak. You get to share a vibe together, it makes you hungrier. You can look for me all over the place, I’m looking to be everywhere you turn soon. I’ll also have all updates on my Website and you can google me for more extensive information.

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