Rudy G - "I’m always inspired by people who break boundaries, innovate, and take actions towards a better world." - Stereo Stickman

Rudy G “I’m always inspired by people who break boundaries, innovate, and take actions towards a better world.”


Prior to the release of his breakthrough single Finally An Escrow Jay, we caught an interview with multi-instrumentalist rock singer and songwriter Rudy G, to find out more about the inspiring meaning behind the song, and his plans moving forwards. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Rudy – great to be able to chat, thanks for the opportunity! Massive congrats on the release of the single. For those new to your work, how would you describe your approach to making music?

Appreciate your time Rebecca! For those who don’t know me, I go by the stage name Rudy G. and reside in Victorville, CA.

I’m an eclectic songwriter at heart and draw inspiration from all music genres. I enjoy jamming and improvising, which can result in discovering new song ideas.

I’m also inspired by innovative acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles as well as the creative and risk taking attitude from acts within the alternative, punk, and hard rock genres.

What inspired you to write this track, and why did you choose the phrase Finally An Escrow Jay to explore this particular topic?

I’m always inspired by people who break boundaries, innovate, and take actions towards a better world. Sometimes those people are commonly misunderstood as well. An “Escrow Jay” is a metaphor for those people.

The term “Escrow” is commonly used in contracts where those involved are restricted from moving forward until certain requirements are met. The term “Jay” implies a bird that has the freedom to fly anywhere and wherever it wishes.

When I say Finally An Escrow Jay, I’m saying Finally there is someone taking a risk in life, breaking the mold that binds them towards complacency, and doing what they believe is right despite the opposition.

What has stopped you in the past from working toward your dreams, and what advice could you give to others who find themselves veering off towards complacency?

My biggest challenges are self-doubt and prioritizing my goals. Fear of failing and distractions can seem never ending. You must have a long term vision in mind and short term goals that help you achieve your vision.

Surround yourself with people in person and online who offer support & encouragement. Search for them if you must. And remember to celebrate any and all achievements throughout the journey!

How did you achieve the full-band sound on this project, and how will this be replicated if you tour?

Love this question! For my new single, I took on the role as songwriter, bassist, guitarist, vocalist, producer, and sound engineer! I have a decade worth of experience performing live with various local rock projects throughout Southern California.

I also have some great connections online. I’m sure I can get a band going should I ever need to tour!

Is there a tour in the making?

No tour yet. Maybe once I have an album’s-worth of tracks released, I can get a group going to tour!

Being a multi-instrumentalist, which is your go to when writing, and why?

My first instrument is the guitar. I started playing in 2009 and it’s my favorite instrument to jam and improvise. At this point, it’s second nature to come up with interesting sounds. Of course, I later picked up vocals, bass, and piano. I’ve yet to create a song starting with those, but it’s definitely not out of the question.

Are there any instruments you’re yet to learn but would like to?

I’d love to master a real drum set! Believe it or not, I actually created the drum track for Finally An Escrow Jay with MIDI drum software created by Steve Albini. It’s as close to a real drum sound as I can get until I take the step to invest in a drum set. I want to be like Dave Grohl and play it all!

You have a fairly distinctive voice, both in tone and in your song-writing style – is this something you’ve honed over time, or did it come naturally? Are there other bands or creative projects you were involved with in your past that have impacted your sound?

In all honesty, I am not a natural singer; however, when I got into song-writing, I purchased a CD singing course and proactively decided to not attempt to sound like other artists. Instead, I listen to all different types of singers, ones I like and dislike, and dissect what I like and dislike about their voices technically and artistically.

I practice, practice, and practice all the time to work on my tone, stay in key, and experiment with different stylistic approaches. I approached Finally An Escrow Jay with a cleaner singing style, but don’t be surprised when I bust out some vocal distortion in the future!

Who or what has been your greatest influence creatively?

Musically, my biggest inspiration is John Frusciante. He has such an honest and sincere approach to song-writing and feels entirely emotionally driven, especially his solo work.

Vocally, I’m currently a huge Paul McCartney fan due to his eclectic approach to singing, from Helter Skelter to And I Love Her.

My biggest non-musical inspiration is the late Jacque Fresco. He helped me understand that creativity is taking known elements and putting them together in unique ways. I intentionally put myself in a constant state of learning from all areas in music and in life so I can never stop growing.

What’s next for you, and what’s the best thing fans can do to show support?

My goal is to continue releasing original music, each different and better than the last. Eventually, I’d love to get some merch going and even do a collaboration with a fan one day.

You can support me by listening to or downloading my new single Finally An Escrow Jay, Subscribe & follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (all @RudyGOfficial) so you won’t miss what I will do next, and simply engage with me by liking my posts and commenting. Anything is truly deeply appreciated.

Is there anything else we should know?

Be creative and innovative. The world needs you!

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Check out Rudy G on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter or visit his Website. Download or stream Finally An Escrow Jay here.

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