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Richard Lynch Interview


Following the release of his new single Cut & Pastewe caught an interview with country singer and musician Richard Lynch to find out more about his creative process and his connection to music. Here’s how it went. 

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As a songwriter and musician, there’s no question as to your passion and dedication to country music. What is it about the genre that captures your heart, and where did this love for creating in such a way begin for you?

The passion comes from the stories that are told with in country music. The songs seem to relate to true life. My Dad, Woody Lynch was an amazing traditional country artist and he instilled the love of country music in

What inspired Cut and Paste and what has the reaction been like to the song so far?

The writers of Cut & Paste found a wonderful story to tell about how love seems to be in this high tech age. The response has been amazing and Cut & Paste has hit number one on two major independent country radio charts.

How important is live music to you as an artist, and do you prefer small, intimate shows, or larger, louder events?

Oh it’s all about the shows. There is nothing like performing to an appreciative live audience. Really, I am happy at any size event, it’s all about playing the music.

The instrumentation on Cut and Paste is beautiful, authentically soulful and organic, yet the lyrics touch so explicitly on the ways of the modern world – the technology, the changes in the way we communicate and connect. The contrast is quite powerful. Do you feel that modern technology has made starting or maintaining relationships easier or more complicated?

Although I am personally a low tech guy, I see every day how much we are effected by today’s technology. Everywhere you go people are texting or talking on their phones. Seems like personal connections have fallen by the wayside. That’s what true me to Cut & Paste.

What’s next for you – will there be a longer project, any collaborations or exciting live shows people can look out for? Is there anything else you’d like to let us know about you, your music, or your plans for the future?

We have a lot of live shows coming up. The biggest project right now is the development of the Richard Lynch TV Show. We are hoping to get it on a national cable channel soon.

Is there anything else you’d like to let us know about you, your music, or your plans for the future?

My music is traditional country and always will be. My goal is to keep that genre alive and well and bringing new fans to real country music.

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