Ratchet Racer - "I deliberately wanted to make a statement & social critique about how young people struggle to find meaningful relationships in our society." - Stereo Stickman

Ratchet Racer “I deliberately wanted to make a statement & social critique about how young people struggle to find meaningful relationships in our society.”


Limitless creativity and boldly energetic, multi-layered vibes raise up the uniquely recognizable sound of producer Ratchet Racer’s music. To coincide with the release of the latest dance single NPC, we caught up with the artist and composer behind it, to find out more about the music and the journey to this point. Here’s how it went.

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Ratchet Racer – excited to talk music with you! For those who don’t know, how long have you been making tracks, and how would you describe the sound?

Thank you so much for having me, always a pleasure to talk music!

So, I think I wrote my first song when I was 7 or 8 years old (not a very good one to be honest lol). However I only started to produce and release music from 2019 on. In 2020 I released my first EP. And for the sound…I would say it is a crazy mix because I always want to try different things and sounds, genres. But I think my biggest influences are pop, electronic music and urban latin music. In a very personal way though.

What was your first introduction to making music – did you play any instruments, take vocal lessons, or head straight to the studio for production techniques?

It was very organic. Artist and producer Benjamin God introduced me to Ableton and we spent hours during months writing songs, making covers, recording, mixing, producing beats. We have been creating music together since then.

I definitely jumped into the studio to create what I felt inside and soon realized that I had to learn a bit more in order to make all the ideas I had in mind happen. So I just took some online courses on production, and watched a crazy ton of YouTube tutorials. At that time, I have never played an instrument but now I play the piano midi when I am working on beats and I am learning to play the bass too.

Let’s talk NPC – huge new retro dance anthem. What inspired the track, and how does the energy and approach differ from your previous releases?

I was thinking on making a very speedy track inspired on a rave. Something hectic and higly energetic, like a car race. At the same time I came up with the idea of being surrounded by NPCs in a party and not really connecting with anyone.

I think the concept and approach differ from previous releases because the main driver of this song was that I deliberately wanted to make a statement and social critique about how young people struggle to find meaningful relationships in our society and how there is also different ways and channels in order to build strong bonds with others.

What topics do you try to explore in your music – conceptually deep or light-hearted and fun?

I would say that the topics I explore are usually deep but I display them in a very playful way. I think there is a lot of depth but also a lot of sense of humor in my music. It is very important for me to show that you can express serious stuff in different ways: it can be fun, dramatic, joyful…even cringey!

Where are you based, and what was the main factor or influence during your early years that led to develop this musical style?

I am currently based in Madrid but I was living in Chile when I started making music and this fact influenced my music greatly. I reconnected with music those years and it was all the urban music scene in Latin America and Spain which really inspired me. This new wave definitely changed the way music in Spanish was done and I felt for the first time truly connected to my generation through music.

For the likes of PA’KE you adopt a more soca-style rhythm and pace. How do you decide which direction to take a new track in?

PA’KE is a very romantic reggaeton beat created by GINGER*, a very talented producer based in California whom I had been collaborating. When he sent it to me I knew almost immediately the direction this track was taking.

Sometimes I have an idea and I start working and turns out the track was meant to be a completely different thing and I discover it in the process. It really depends on the track, but I always trust my gut feelings and desires, and I am aware and open to the fact that the direction of the track can change.

E-Girl is one of your most popular tracks to date. What do you think it is about this song that connects with so many people?

That is a really good question and I don’t really know the answer. E-girl is a very visceral song after all, it is about being on the edge, about having fun and being yourself, and leaving behind all the bad things for a while. I think those are all very relatable emotions.

At the same time, I think E-girl was the first time I started to pivot towards different inspirations in terms of sound, like deep house in this particular case. I was immensely influenced by electronic music (hard techno, house) during my teenage years, so I think this is something that truly reveals a part of me that was somehow hidden although implicit, and thanks to E-girl I could finally share it with the world.

You’ve amassed tens of thousands of streams across a plethora of original releases – what’s the key to growing an audience these days?

I think being consistent and true to yourself while making music. Your potential audience will always find you.

Do you have plans to perform much or tour in the coming months?

I will be having some gigs in Madrid and potentially in some other cities in Spain, dates are to be announced and bookings are open so hit me up!

What’s something about you that would surprise fans?

That I am very introverted and a geek.

What’s your greatest ambition right now?

To stay creative, collaborate with more amazing artists and to perform at festivals.

Is there anything else we should know?

I have an announcement to make: after three years I may be releasing soon an EP, so stay tuned! Thank you so much for the interview – I hope you get to know me a bit more ♥

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