PXERISH - "I've remained pretty much completely outside of the public view to maintain creative integrity." - Stereo Stickman

PXERISH “I’ve remained pretty much completely outside of the public view to maintain creative integrity.”


Armed with a swiftly expanding catalogue of uniquely atmospheric, evocative originals, the mystique and artistry of songwriter PXERISH is connecting with audiences across the board. We caught an interview to find out more about the music and the journey to this point. Here’s how it went.

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Pxerish – excited to interview you, thanks for the time! To introduce things, where are you based, and how long have you been making music?

I’m currently based In VA, making music from my studio in my bedroom — I’ve been making music for about 5 years now, but about 2 years ago started learning production and mix/mastering

Who or what first inspired you to write and produce songs? 

When I first got into making music, I was young, and kinda reckless. I didn’t make my own beats yet and typically just found instrumentals I liked off of YouTube, and recorded poorly mixed lyrics into a cheap microphone. 

I first felt inspired to make music when I started listening to more hardcore Hip Hop. The likes of Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Token were all big influences when I was younger. I wanted to wear the influence I had from them on my sleeve, but didn’t yet have the maturity, lyrical ability, or studio set up to replicate the style I desperately wanted to do.

Your online persona is somewhat elusive – was there a creative reason for that, or do you just feel more comfortable focusing on the music and artwork over any of the other filler we tend to see? 

There are two answers to this: One, Yes, I’ve remained pretty much completely outside of the public view to maintain creative integrity. I wanted to remain somewhat unknown, and slowly build a dedicated audience who wanted to hear what I had to make. However, this also comes with its downsides. The lack of streams, followers, and profit are all things I have struggled with since the release of my debut project Foreshadows, and it does become frustrating as an artist who truly believes in their work.

Your repertoire is quite extensive, what was the first track you ever made, and how much has changed about your approach since then?

The first track that has stayed released on my Spotify, under my name is the intro track to “Foreshadows”. This was the first track I ever made for the album, and it was a creative divergence from my previous styles I tried to go with years ago. A bare piano piece with light hi hats and haunting vocals/lyrics – Which painted the picture of the soundscapes the viewers would hear for the rest of the album. However, with my next project – It is clear that I have changed a lot about my style, making more filled-out instrumentals and more grand vocals. 

If people head to your Spotify, the top song is idontwritelovesongs – how did this one come to be, and why do you think it connects so well? 

idontwritelovesongs was first just a concept months before it came out. I made the beat while on vacation and started writing as soon as I got home, and felt inspiration to write a love song, based around the premise that I “dont write love songs”.

The music is gentle, dreamy and organic for the most part – are you a pianist, multi-instrumentalist, or purely a skilled producer and songwriter?

I’m not a pianist in a traditional sense, nor am I a multi-instrumentalist. What I do is use the instruments built in to different VST’s, such as ‘Labs’, ‘Creepy Piano’, and many more. I also frequently use Cymatics Origin, and Gross Beat to leave a unique, textured blend of sounds in my instrumentals.

The latest project is the chaotic and creative Foreboding: The Redact Tapes I, a dark and mind-bending EP of remixes. Tell me about the intentions behind this music? 

This EP was made as a way to remix my favorite songs off of Foreshadows, as well as continuing the story based off the 3 most story telling songs. That being “Drown” “Manic Episode I” and “Outta The Ordinary” all continuing the storyline that will be finished in the next two albums.

What about the album Foreshadows, similar themes perhaps, with tracks like Alive following the piano-led ambiance of the title-track. What comes first for you when making an album, do you create a soundscape and mood then adlib, or do you write lyrics and build music around those? 

I almost always make the soundscapes and instrumentals first, then write the lyrics if the beat fits the theme of the album well enough. However there are sometimes that I will write a verse and then add more to the instrumental after, recording to the raw beat and tempo before completing the instrumental.

How would you describe the style of your music to people who haven’t yet heard it? 

Experimental, dark, storytelling songs with a vein in hip hop and shoegaze. Weird repetitive lyrics followed by lengthy thought out verses, typically with a lot of details in the vocals themselves.

Is live performance on the cards, and would you like to write for cinema and other media, or rather just keep thing solo-artistic? 

My biggest dream is one day performing in front of a live audience. My plan is to amass a couple thousand followers, then go on a small tour around where most of my fans are located. While I do plan to stay solo-artistic, I want and need to perform in front of an audience, as big or as small as that might be.

What’s your biggest ambition? 

Making a living off of my music. Being able to only do music and perfect the craft. I want to become the next big thing, but also stay a respectable, non-sellout type of artist.

Does your creativity manifest in any other ways? 

While my creativity typically is completely into music; Film and album cover art is also something I love making, and personally think I have a passion for.

What’s next for you?

My next upcoming project, Eyes Outside My Head, is currently my biggest project, and is a complete step up from my past work. While it stays in the same creative bubble Foreshadows did, It goes further with the story-line I created on tracks like Outta The Ordinary. This album focuses on self hatred, self sabotage, and the thoughts I have on my bipolar disorder.

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