Pittarius Code - "The journey is more important than the goal." - Stereo Stickman

Pittarius Code “The journey is more important than the goal.”


Following the release of their brand new single Light Ahead with Jodie Yang-Cooper, we caught up with producer duo Pittarius Code to find out more about the release, the collaborative process, the effects of 2020, and their union with Universal Flow Records. Here’s how it went.

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Hi guys, thanks for your time – congrats on the new release! Just to give a little background, how did you meet, and what prompted you to get creative together?

Hey Stereo Stickman, thank you so much for interviewing us! This is absolutely a great pleasure and honour for us to be a part of Universal Flow Records family!!

You know, we met on Christmas 2019 through SoundCloud as active solo musicians. We are united by our common love for trance music especially in Progressive and Uplifting as well as ProgLifting style, whilst we apply some Psy, and Techy grooves in our projects. It is the basis of all our work. We want to become as PITTARIUS CODE, a part of this still relatively young history of the trance scene and help to shape it.

What does the single Light Ahead represent, and what came first – the concept or the musicality?

Light Ahead stands for hope which we try to express through this track musically. The whole world had to suffer from the pandemic of COVID-19 -this caused us to show a glimmer of hope, if only musically.

In most cases, the musicality arises first for us. The whole concept is then revealed when we later added a singer to the project. This should be guided by the atmosphere of the track and tells a story to it. That’s how a theme develops from which we then derive a title for the track.

What do you think this collaboration has brought out in each of you artistically that doesn’t tend to show up on solo projects?

Definitely a project work is excellent to develop. Several ideas come together, you get to know a lot of people and the way they work. It’s very exciting every time to see how everything develops. Solo projects are more determined and faster, it’s a much easier way to produce, but unfortunately you can hardly share the successes with anyone else – it just remains as “solo”.

Will there be any more releases together, or live shows?

We will definitely have more releases; mostly some projects run parallel to each other. So we currently come to at least 12 releases per year.

Chris: For me personally, the journey is more than the goal. I am more of a producer than a live performer. My home is the studio, here I can develop my knowledge and really let off steam when time allows. I’m a dad too and I also have responsibilities, so live performing is not an issue for me for the time being, because I couldn’t reconcile all that at the moment without losses. Maybe this will change later, it remains exciting. But one of our dreams is to have our music played and celebrated at festivals.

Abou: And for me, like Chris the journey is more important than the goal, getting heard is our highest goal we can say. In recent years I had some live shows in Tehran parties and clubs but after establishing our brand PITTARIUS CODE and occupying in hospital as a Surgical Technologist as well as a medical translator and doing medical projects in Kashan University of Medical Sciences I didn’t have enough time to perform live shows again, but am still ready to do and taking our brand tracks and releases on stage if I find an opportunity to demonstrate our style to the people out there. As Chris said, one of our dreams is to have our music played and celebrated at festivals absolutely.

How did you connect with Universal Flow Records, and how did this help elevate your work as artists?

At the beginning of our collaboration as PITTARIUS CODE we were looking for labels that could publicise our work better than we could. A label is more polarising than an artist who has just started releasing his work. Reaching through a label is much greater, you know.

We became aware of Universal Flow Records through the Beatport Trance Charts. This label works very professionally and is always represented in the charts with various musicians as well. That made us contacts them and let some of our productions run there under contract – with success as you can see thankfully. We have now made it into various charts ourselves and attracted attention to ourselves. Thank you Universal Flow Records for the great support!

What do you think the main role of musicians and artists has evolved into since the turmoil of 2020?

2020 was a very strange and uncontrollable year. No one really knew where the road led to – The whole world had to re-organise several times. But it was also a time of intense studio work. A lot of musicians spent time wisely in the studio producing great new tracks. In that view, we reckon it was a very productive and successful year. Many live performers streamed from home, keeping their followers happy and excited. As you know, 2020 is definitely the year of digital communication, but we can all very soon look forward to be able to go to open air concerts and events again to party together.

Can you give us an exclusive about what else we can look forward to?

It remains very exciting for us to see who will jump on board for our further projects. We have worked with a lot of professional singers like Jodie Yang-Cooper (UK), Hanna Finsen (Norway), Emma Lock (UK), T’eira (Russia), Steklo (Russia), May-Britt Scheffer (Netherlsnds), Isadora Salviano (Brasil), Joyline Snow (Germany), Jasmine Dean (New Zealand), etc. and producers like Evebe (Russia), INVIRON (Russia), Mayotech (Germany), Sequence 1 (USA), Cold Face (Iran), Ali Mohtashami (Iran) in the meantime and it’s a lot of fun. But one thing is for sure: we would have some upcoming projects getting ready for the awesome Universal Flow Records.

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