PharaohBjay - "I do not pay attention to the beefs & negativity that is portrayed, it has nothing to do with me & my goals." - Stereo Stickman

PharaohBjay “I do not pay attention to the beefs & negativity that is portrayed, it has nothing to do with me & my goals.”


Armed with a plethora of original singles and a drive to connect with real music fans, rapper and artist PharaohBjay kindly took part in an interview. We talk about the new single Games, the upcoming releases, what inspires him and where the work ethic spawned from. Here’s the conversation in full.

PharaohBjay – an exciting time to talk music with you, congrats for the release of the Games video! For those new to your music, who or what first inspired you to create, and what was the name of the first track you ever wrote?

Pleasure speaking with you. I have been in love with the music industry for a while now. Ever since the age of about 14 I’ve been writing. I played the alto saxophone and the drums since about 8 years of age. My family is very big, a very rhythmic family who also enjoy vibrations of music. It all came together and inspired me to become the artist I am today!

You’ve got a tonne of new songs to release in the coming weeks, covering a breadth of stories and styles. Where do you get this work ethic and drive from, and how do you maintain it in an industry that’s so chaotic?

Like stated before, I’ve been writing since 14 years old, and since then the writing has only progressed and become more often. I love the art of expressing my feelings though sound and rhythm so I began constructing songs based off of the two. Those of which have been written but some have not been recorded or distributed yet due to my own constructive processes where I may want to go back and tweak what have been done, or I just feel it may not be the right time for the specific record.

I have a bunch of records and portfolio, some of which had been written years ago but never mixed and mastered, some had been started and written within the year! I maintain because I stay to myself, I do not worry bout other artist’s sound around me or what they have to say, instead I just maintain self. People love my sound and what I have to say so I continue to express my own personal feelings and thoughts and I think that’s what keeps me afloat in this industry.

Tell me about the song Friends – how did the music and concept come to you, and what does the song represent in terms of your journey?

The song Friends came along when I was in a rough patch with the woman I’ve had the most history with as far as relations! The person I thought was my confidant and rock in the storm. When all else fails you began to sink and feel that person who was once your friend and more is no more! The feeling of thinking someone is your forever just to know that forever turned temporary. More on associate type of level. That is how Friends came about!

Diversity is a key strength, the switch to heavy classic rap for Vibe to a fine example. How do you decide which direction to take a new track in, and are there any genres or styles you’re yet to explore that you would like to?

A lot of my tracks are based off of what wave of time I think we are in, along with the instrumental I’m listening to. I write either solo to no instrumentals or either I write in regards to the way the instrumental is set up.

Vibe to happen to be one that I was in the studio and felt the presence of the instrumental and the current wave of classic rap and what fans would love to Bob their heads to. Also I put the feature of my little brother and artist “KT” on the song because I already knew the type of pressure he portrays when he steps in the booth and I felt a hard rap song as “vibe to” was right up his alley!

What are your thoughts on mainstream Hip Hop right now, the sub-genres and the culture, and where do you think things are heading in the coming years?

I pay attention to the mainstream, I even listen to underground. I pay attention to all kinds of genres of music for I am an avid listener and learner of the game. I do not pay attention to the beefs and negativity that is portrayed for one cause it has nothing to do with me and my goals and for two because it does nothing for me. I’m also an artist who just wants loyalty when it comes to fans and mainstream. I’m not opposed to fame but I’m not shooting for fame. More or so a liking for who I am and the talent I have to give to the world!

What’s the live scene like for Hip Hop where you’re based?

I’m currently residing in Phoenix Arizona where I feel everything is diverse. The food, the culture, the ethnicities, music, schools, everything! So with that being said, the hip hop scene is very hit or miss. This is not a place like Atlanta or la or cities around New York where everything revolves around hip hop. But you may find a few communities who express hip hop culture, rap and things that involve hip hop!

What would be your dream venue or event to perform at, and why?

Everyone alive wants to sell out The Garden!! I’m one of them!

Is there anything else we should know?

I have my first EP/album dropping this winter of 2023. I’ve never dropped a tape before and I’m hoping to hit the ground running! Please take the time out to hear what I have to give to the world and support if you are rocking with the Pharaoh! I love all who love me and who don’t! I appreciate this interview and I will be seeing y’all at the top! Love 🤞🏾

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