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An Exclusive Interview with Ohad Niceberg: Jazz Guitarist Extraordinaire


In anticipation of his upcoming performance at the 2024 Summer Jazz Festival in Kraków, we had the opportunity to sit down with Ohad Niceberg, a devotedly imaginative jazz guitarist and highly original composer.

Ohad shared insights about his musical journey, his inspirations, and what the audience can expect from his performance at the prestigious festival; known for featuring some of the most renowned jazz artists from around the world.

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Ohad, congratulations on your recent first-place win at the Smietana International Guitar Competition! How does it feel to have earned this recognition, and what was the experience like?

Thank you! Winning the Smietana International Guitar Competition was an incredible honor. The experience was both challenging and rewarding, as I got to compete with some of the best guitarists from around the world. It was a great opportunity to push myself and grow as a musician, and the win has opened up new doors for me, including the invitation to perform at the Summer Jazz Festival in Kraków.

Your musical journey has taken you from Israel to New York – How have these different environments influenced your music?

Each place has had a unique impact on my music. Growing up in Israel, I was exposed to a rich blend of musical traditions, which shaped my foundational understanding of rhythm and melody. Moving to New York exposed me to a vibrant jazz scene and allowed me to collaborate with some incredible musicians, broadening my perspectives and techniques. Tel Aviv has a lively music scene as well, and being there part-time keeps me connected to my roots and the innovative music coming out of Israel.

You frequently perform with your trio and quartet in some of Israel’s top jazz clubs. How do you approach leading these ensembles, and what do you enjoy most about performing live?

Leading a trio or quartet is all about creating a cohesive sound while allowing each member to express their individuality. I enjoy the spontaneity and interaction that comes with live performance. There’s something magical about the energy exchange between the musicians and the audience. It keeps the music fresh and exciting every time we play.

You’re also a member of the funk band Spice’n’Space. How did this collaboration come about, and what sets this project apart from your other musical endeavours?

Spice’n’Space was formed when Mattan Klein, Uria Mader, and I decided to explore our shared love for funk music. We wanted to create something that blends jazz with funk, bringing a new energy and groove to our compositions. This project allows me to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different rhythms and styles, which is both challenging and fun.

What can the audience expect from your upcoming performance at the 2024 Summer Jazz Festival in Kraków?

The audience can expect a dynamic and heartfelt performance. I’ll be playing a mix of original compositions and some jazz standards, all infused with my unique style. I’m really looking forward to sharing my music with the festival audience and connecting with them through my performance. It’s going to be a memorable experience, and I can’t wait to be a part of such a prestigious event.

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Don’t miss Ohad Niceberg’s performance at the 2024 Summer Jazz Festival in Kraków—it’s sure to be an unforgettable musical journey!

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