Ned Moss - "From going on holiday into nature to watching a great film, it just really makes me want to write & create something myself!" - Stereo Stickman

Ned Moss “From going on holiday into nature to watching a great film, it just really makes me want to write & create something myself!”


With a string of original releases to his name, singer and songwriter Ned Moss talks inspiration, musicianship, and a longstanding passion for the art-form. Here’s the interview in full.

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Hi Ned, great to chat! For those new to your work, who would you say is your musical idol?

I don’t think I can bring myself to say one as I have so many people who I look up to from friends to legends. Hendrix is someone from my guitar player side who I will never be able to comprehend just how good he was, along with players like BB King, SRV, John Mayer, Derek Trucks, Prince, there are so many amazing players!

From the songwriting side I have quite a broad influence, the older writers such as Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Nick Drake will always be hugely inspiring, but I also absolutely love Coldplay, Keane, Radiohead, Jack Johnson, the list could go on forever!

There are some newer artists I have huge respect for as well, I’m a massive fan of Alec Benjamin and Maisie Peters, they have such a gift for writing simple but great songs and both have such a unique way of delivering them that feels effortless to the listener!

What influences your music?

I take influence from all-sorts really, a lot of it comes down to my mood, which gets so easily affected by other art and the world around. From going on holiday into nature to watching a great film, it just really makes me want to write and create something myself!

Why did you start to do music?

I started music when I was 4 with classical violin. My entire family is very artsy but my brother was the only other musician. I think the driving force when I was that young was looking at my older brother (7 years older) and just thinking ‘well if he’s doing that then I’ve gotta do it but better’, we’re a very competitive family!

What quote would you say best describes you and your music?

I think a quote that has stuck with me since the day I heard it was from BB King, “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”, it really resonated with me and still does to this day!

As a multi-talented artist (singer, songwriter, guitarist, etc.), is there a specific part of the creative process that you like most? Which have you found most difficult throughout the years?

I came to singing and songwriting as a guitarist, so that is definitely what I connect with the most! A large portion of the songs I write usually start with some sort of chord progression/guitar pattern and then from there I tend to build up melody and lyrics together! I definitely feel more natural on the guitar, singing has been something I felt I wanted to do but needed to work to get somewhere with.

I mainly started when I was writing songs and hearing other people sing them. I always thought the singer sounded amazing but the song just never came across as it did in my head, so eventually a few people helped by telling me “why don’t you just sing it then?!”.

I’d have to say guitar/writing is my favorite part, and although I love the singing it is the part I find the hardest!

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