Methodical - "I’ve gotten through many tough times in life because of the band & everyone connected to it." - Stereo Stickman

Methodical “I’ve gotten through many tough times in life because of the band & everyone connected to it.”


Following the release of their immense new single Not My Worldwe caught an interview with industrial rock outfit Methodical to find out more about what drives them as a band. Here’s how it went. 

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Hi guys – thanks for the chat, congrats on the new release. What’s the story behind Not My World?

Wil: Thank you very much. We are glad to be chatting with you.

The lyrics to Not My World were written by my brother, Dominick, probably about 15 to 20 years ago and then edited by me recently to fit into this song. Dominick and I founded the band together in the early 2000s based upon a childhood of abuse. Not My World speaks to what seems to be a loving family on the outside, but in reality, it is all just a façade.

The story progresses from the verses where the child is speaking to the parents asking them questions about what they are doing/have done/have said. Then, the pre-chorus leads into a dark place where the child is growing up and thinking about violent outlets or solutions to their problems. Finally, the chorus brings everything around to show the child has fully matured – they realize that everything is nonsense. While the term Not My World initially suggests the person is still in a dark place, they are in fact speaking about how the household they were in is not their world.

What are the main values you want to represent as a band, and how will you go about doing that?

Wil: The band was founded on the idea that we can speak out against various forms of abuse and suicide. And, this form of communication gives us a very loud voice to do it from.

While we do have songs that speak about other topics, we almost always circle back to the core foundation of the bands mission and message. I personally look at Methodical many times like a big family. While some people might need professional help for any problems they have, others might just need this kind of support structure. I’ve gotten through many tough times in life because of the band and everyone connected to it.

In what ways will your music help with the issues and charities that you talk about?

Wil: We always look to play charity shows or to donate part of our earnings. We’ve supported charities against child abuse, for suicide prevention, animal shelters, cancer research organizations, and many more. Sometimes, certain charities are wary of working with us because we have some shocking content in the songs or on stage. For those that feel unsure about working with us, I suggest giving our music a deeper listen or chatting with us anytime, so they can fully understand how we present these important messages.

How did the band name come to be?

Wil: My brother and I were sitting in a room going through a bunch of our lyrics looking for a single word that would encompass the entire band message. I think it was my brother that finally said something along the lines of “Why not a word that speaks to how we can present the message?” With that, I said “Systematically,” and then a Thesaurus got us the rest of the way.

Is there a longer record on the way, or a tour?

Wil: We have one full length album that we released in 2009 – self titled: Methodical. Everyone can find it re-released on all the top streaming platforms. We have another single, You Want Us which will be released on July 4th. Then, we have another three songs being recorded as we speak, and a bunch more in queue after that.

We have one show booked on Oct 30th at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ. We will be playing with Powerman 5000, (Hed) P.E., and Adema. Beyond that, we are booking shows in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and more – dates TBD.

What can audiences expect from a live show from Methodical?

Wil: Energy. Power. I enjoy the live show more than anything else. With recording, sure, you can get the song to sound exactly how it is supposed to, but nothing beats the live energy and emotions. For me, it is a complete outlet of everything negative that has ever happened in my life. I like to think that even if you don’t enjoy our genre of music, you will at least get a kick out of the show.

If you could change any one thing about today’s society, what would it be, and why?

Wil: The thing that causes someone to hurt innocent people. Money. Power. Envy. I don’t think it stems from one thing or one word. If we could put all those things together and change the outcome, then that is what I want. I don’t want a child to be beaten to death because their parent had a bad day. I don’t want a teen to kill themselves because of a bully. I don’t want a woman stoned to death because she isn’t a man.

What are your thoughts on the future of rock music?

Wil: I think a version of rock music will be around for a long time, but sometimes I get concerned that everything is getting poppier. I hope the heavier music still has a place in the future.

What’s next for you, and what’s the best way people can support you on your quest?

Wil: The best way to support us is to connect with us on social media, tell your friends about us and our message, and support the events we play and the charities we support. What’s next? Everyone will be getting a lot more music and shows from us! If anyone would like to see us in their area, please reach out and let us know.

Thank you for the interview and thoughtful review of our music. It has been a pleasure!

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