Matthew Phillips - "Winning Best Pop Artist at the San Diego Music Awards & getting to headline at the legendary Belly Up has made 2024 one for the books." - Stereo Stickman

Matthew Phillips “Winning Best Pop Artist at the San Diego Music Awards & getting to headline at the legendary Belly Up has made 2024 one for the books.”


Following another immense six months of his unprecedented rise through the indie realm, Matthew Phillips stopped by to talk everything that’s been happening in recent months. Not least of all, we talk about the band putting on a phenomenal headline show at the iconic Belly Up venue.

The official video for his single Time Fades Love was captured during this gig, and really showcases the emotional connection and unique celebration shared at the show. The authentic roar of the crowd as the video reaches its crescendo is undeniable, and the passion and precision the band put into the track shines brightly and will remain a part of the Matthew Phillips legacy for all of time.

We talk about this experience, and also about his impressive win at the San Diego Music Awards, plus plenty more. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Matthew – excited to catch up with you, what a year you’ve had so far! Massive congrats for all the success you’re experiencing. What’s been your highlight for this half of 2024?

Thank you so much Rebecca. Winning Best Pop Artist at the San Diego Music Awards and getting to headline at the Legendary Belly Up were 2 things that made 2024 thus far one for the books. There were so many people voting for us day in and day out. I just felt incredibly grateful. It’s not just a public vote, there is an academy ( similar to the GRAMMYs ) that consists of talent buyers, radio hosts, music journalists, and venue owners that vote as well.

It was a big honor to be nominated let alone take home the win. I felt very privileged to accept the award in front of a sold out audience at Humphreys by the Bay alongside my peers. I did my best to thank every person who has been a part of my story and made that moment possible.

Till Its Over was such a powerful song and the music video only amplified that even further. The next day we got the call from the Belly Up. It’s possibly the hardest venue to get a slot for in San Diego. Timothy Pyles and I worked on putting together a bill that would be memorable. Everyone loved Lioneer and Cheyenne Benton. It was an incredible night of music! We accomplished our goal and the amount of love we got back was overwhelming.                

Time Fades Love is a hugely powerful song, one that clearly hit with impact during the recent live show. Do you remember how and why you wrote this one?

Time Fades Love is about never giving up on someone you care about. Never giving up on someone you love. It’s not strictly a romantic song, I am also referring to friendships and anyone who you care about.

Sometimes we can get so busy with life we lose connection. Something happens and communication stops. It’s a song of hope and asking whoever this may be in your life to not lose faith in you. We need each other more than any of us would like to admit. The song is about working through conflicts, seeing them through, and coming out stronger together.         

How nervous or excited were you to headline the iconic Belly Up? What was it like filming your official music video for Time Fades Love live?

Headlining the Belly Up is a dream that became a reality. It was one of those moments we live for. Being nervous doesn’t even cross my mind when I’m about to go on stage into a packed room of people who love and support me. Having an incredible band with Cory Noonan on Drums and Jacob Miranda on bass and Synth bass is essential. I knew they had my back and they are master musicians.

I know the audience wants what’s best for me and it’s my job to leave it all on that stage for them. I was so excited to see everyone and capture Time Fades Love in a music video. It truly was a spectacular moment and I was so thankful to have so many loved ones in the audience supporting me.

There are 3 moments in particular that had me tearing up while editing. My Mom & Dad being the first one. Seeing them light up with a smile on their faces was everything. Watching their son living his dream and seeing & feeling the audience being moved by the music and energy we produced. My uncle Ralph being right there watching his nephew send it into a guitar solo, knowing he was a part of creating that moment. It wouldn’t have been possible without his mentorship on the guitar. Josh for reaching out and grabbing me during the filming then turning around and cheering. It’s those moments that make this video special. It’s as real, genuine and authentic as it gets.

My incredible camera crew consisted of 4 videographers. Chris Ruel, Noah Gilman, Dusty Lane, and Elfego Becerra. We did not rehearse or really have any type of game plane other than to capture and document the moment. I am so proud of my team. We captured art.    

You consistently put in the work and keep gigging, writing, putting yourself out there. What drives you to be so active and focused as a musician, and what’s next for you in terms of aspirations and achievements?

There is nothing else I’d rather do. This is my dream and I am not going to wait around for things to happen. I truly believe this is my purpose and the stories, letters, and moments shared with me are truly special.

Music is so powerful and I feel very fortunate to have so much support. My aspirations are to be with a major record label like Warner music and a booking agency such as Wasserman, WME, CAA, and UTA, that believes in us tenfold. I hope to have one of those agencies see what we have built on my own and help us scale it. Madison Square garden, Redrocks and the Rady Shell at Jacobs Park are the 3 bucket list venues. A GRAMMY would be nice!     

Where can fans catch you performing in the coming weeks?

I am very excited for our show at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park August 29th from 6:30 to 7:30PM. It’s a historical monument in San Diego and home to the largest outdoor pipe organ in the world. It’s an all ages show completely free to the public.

“Twilight in the Park” is a non-profit that makes it possible to keep the arts alive and well and free to our community. It’s an honor to have been asked to perform at this historical concert venue. We have a few other things but at the time of this interview I am not able to announce those just yet.        

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Find Matthew Phillips on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram or visit his Website. Photos by Elfego Becerra.

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