Luh Tony - "I chose Verbal Expression as the title because that’s simply what I believe it is. I decided to be more vulnerable, open & expressive with this project." - Stereo Stickman

Luh Tony “I chose Verbal Expression as the title because that’s simply what I believe it is. I decided to be more vulnerable, open & expressive with this project.”


To celebrate the release of his fiercely contemplative and stylishly memorable new project Verbal Expression, we were blessed with the chance to talk songwriting, inspiration and ambition with rapper and artist Luh Tony. Here’s how it went.

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Luh Tony – huge congrats for the new album, and thanks for the interview! To introduce things, where are you based, and how long have you been making music?

I currently live in Jacksonville, FL and going on 4 years making music now.

Tell me about Verbal Expression – why this title, and what inspired the creation and connections between these six tracks?

I chose Verbal Expression as the title because that’s simply what I believe it is. I decided to be more vulnerable, open, and expressive with this project. All six songs, to me, were very open with the thought battles that I have almost on a daily basis and I felt it was time for just that. A verbal expression.

Cold Summer makes for a brilliant opener – dreamy production and poetic bars, refreshingly smooth yet purposeful. How do you prepare to perform on a track like this, and do you produce your own music?

Really the best way I prepare is just clearing any negativity, clearing my headspace due to the fact that opening up isn’t really my strong suit already, while talking myself through the motions of the recording and writing process.

I actually do not produce my own beats. My best friend, BJMADEIT, is a producer and we are currently working on something for us to put out into the world, showcasing our talents and abilities in the realm of music. He is actually the one who produced Cold Summer and that’s just a taste of what me and him are able to create together.

The project is impressively produced and eclectic throughout – what’s the main quality of a soundscape that you look for when writing something new?

I’m always looking to improve and keep my sound fresh. I like to try different styles, different flows, different genres, beats, anything you can think of that could push my career and sound so there’s no way of it becoming stale. Versatility is probably the most important aspect of music to me.

What first inspired you to get into Hip Hop?

I’ve been wanting to get into music in general since I was around, I would say, 11 years old. My dad always wanted to get me into music, but we just never got around to it considering at that age I was mostly into sports and that’s what was taking up all of my attention at the time.

Throughout high school, one of my good friends, 360Zayy, was getting into music. Very talented artist by the way, I’d recommend everyone give him a listen. He was doing music while we were in high school and that’s where I became a fan of his and it got me interested in starting music. I didn’t actually get into a studio until I was 20. Zayy hooked me up with Harry the Wizard, who’s the best engineer to come out of St. Louis, and the rest is history. So shout out to 360Zayy and Harry the Wizard for giving me the chance.

Which track from this project would you play for new listeners who only have time for one, and why?

I would play Song Cry due to the fact that it is my most personal song yet. I was able to really open up about some of the emotional issues that I have had when it comes to dealing with others. From friendships, to relationships, to family, to losing very important and impactful people in my life. Especially my late uncle who is still to this day I look at as a second father.

Do you get to perform live much, and how important is live performance for you?

I actually haven’t had my first performance just yet. I can’t really give a reason as to why I haven’t yet. I was suppose to have one last year but that event got canceled and ever since then I just haven’t looked into it much. I’ve just been trying to make more music and get more depth into my catalog.

If you could share the stage with anyone at all, who would you choose, and why?

The people I would choose would be: J. Cole, Drake, Tyler the Creator, Lil Durk, SZA, Jhene Aiko just to name a few.

The one person I would like to be on stage with the most is: J. Cole. He’s the GOAT, if you ask me, and is probably the biggest inspiration on my style and the way I do my music. The way he is able to get on any beat and just takeover the entire song whether it’s solo or featured is something I aspire to do as an artist myself.

What’s your biggest ambition as a rapper and artist for 2024?

I’m going to push myself even further. I actually have really big plans for 2024 and years to come. So expect more videos, more music, more expression and just overall a more advanced and creative Luh Tony pushing forward.

You get distinctly personal yet maintain a relatable edge throughout these tracks – how important is authenticity and truth when compared to the overall vibes and anthems that keep people streaming the music?

“Authenticity and realness is what I strive for always, even outside of music. To me, being true to who you are is the most effective and impactful way to be able to reach others and relate to the listeners.”

I would like to help people through my music to not be afraid of who they truly are. Being true to yourself will push you and your confidence to entirely different levels and further expand one’s perspective on life.

What are your thoughts on the mainstream hip-hop landscape right now?

Honestly, I believe it can use some work. Most of it is just repetitive and there isn’t much uniqueness to the game anymore. There are talented artists, don’t get me wrong. I just think there’s more to the game that could be added. More than myself.

What’s something about you that would surprise fans?

I would say you will never know what sound I am going to release next. Could be R&B, could be rap, could even be something outside the box like alternative or maybe even country. So really I would say you just would never know what to expect out of me and my music.

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Download or stream Verbal Expression. Find Luh Tony on Twitter, TikTok & Instagram.

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