Lord Sparky England - "Everyone has at least dishonored one of the 7 sins in their lifetime. I’ve committed all of them & I’m honest about that; I changed & so can anyone else." - Stereo Stickman

Lord Sparky England “Everyone has at least dishonored one of the 7 sins in their lifetime. I’ve committed all of them & I’m honest about that; I changed & so can anyone else.”


The UK’s own Lord Sparky England has recently launched a beautifully impassioned project called The 7 Sins. The EP delivers precisely what its title implies, seven stories and songs that each directly relate to one of each of the renowned sins.

We begin with a boldly captivating and evocative Lust, and remain hooked throughout the devotedly raw, unfiltered collection.

We were blessed with the chance to interview Sparky, to find out more about the release and his journey so far as a musician. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Lord Sparky England – excited to talk music with you after the release of the stunning project The 7 Sins. To introduce things, where are you, how long have you been making music, and how did you settle upon this artist name?

I’m located in Oxford, England.

I first learnt acoustic when I was 6 then my knowledge went from there.

I was in a biker club and one day on a ride, my bike starts going wrong so we pull over and it turned out my spark plug cap came off, and one member said we should nickname you sparky. Since then it’s stuck.

What is it about the acoustic guitar that lets you pour so much authenticity and emotion into music?

I was abused mentally and physically at home as a child, so I used music to help channel my emotions and escape the day to day struggles.

Tell me about the new EP – what inspired the concept, how long were these songs in the making, and what do you hope listeners take away from it all?

So all the songs are based on snippets of my life stories, it’s up to the listeners to decipher it and what I want to get the listeners to take away from it, is that you’re not the only one that has messed up, and it’s good to get stuff off the chest, hopefully inspire someone.

You begin with Lust, an unexpectedly poignant, increasingly disconcerting acoustic song, with a painful sense of regret and intimacy powerfully juxtaposed. What was the writing process like, and how does it feel to listen back now that it belongs to the world?

Lust is a powerful song in all honesty, it was difficult to write and make as it brought so many memories back, but we’ve all loved that one person who’s made a big impact and somewhere along the line either you or the person messes up and then it’s heartbreak and tragedy.

‘I’m angry at God for not killing me’ is piercingly evocative, connecting for its honesty but also the relatability of that feeling. How important is it for you to balance unflinchingly real reflections with audience relevancy and musical connection, and how do you make sure to achieve that?

It’s a powerful line, hopefully by drawing inspiration to people that it’s fine to be honest and open with their feelings.

Sloth and Gluttony bring in a slightly fuller production – are you a multi-instrumentalist, a bedroom producer, or did you collaborate?

I did it all myself, the only instruments I didn’t do and that were piano and drums – I got friends that helped me with that.

Is there a religious connection for you to the idea of the seven sins?

So it originated because I or everyone has at least dishonored one of the 7 sins in their life time. I’ve committed all of them and I’m honest about that, because I changed and so can anyone else.

In my opinion, you access the implications of each of these familiar sins in a refreshingly original yet believable way. Which did you begin with, and which sin was the most difficult to find a song and story for?

I actually began with Pride, the hardest was definitely Lust.

Given your day job of mixologist – how do you concentrate during a service-based role, when you hold such passionate songs and performances inside of you?

We all have jobs. Whenever there’s time I’ll write new stuff and take it day by day, even at work on breaks I’m sat there thinking and writing.

Is live performance a part of your plans this year?


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Find Lord Sparky England on Instagram.

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