Laura Cheadle - "It has always been my goal to be a healer, in a way, through music." - Stereo Stickman

Laura Cheadle “It has always been my goal to be a healer, in a way, through music.”


Lifelong singer and artist Laura Cheadle recently signed a high-profile publishing deal and is currently riding the wave of her brand new single The Lust In Between.

We caught up with the songwriter and performer to find out more about the music, her journey to this point, and her plans moving forward. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Laura – great to chat with you, thanks for your time. Just to introduce yourself – what was the first song you released to the world, and how would you define your sound?

Thanks for having me! Wow, the first song I ever released was back in 2006 at a very young age. I have definitely evolved over the years, yet maintained my soulful funky singer-songwriter vibe.

My current EP with So Bold/Ent Sony Orchard showcases my R&B pop side with some elements of jazz too.

You’ve been performing since just four years of age – do you remember the first time you stepped on stage, and can you compare the feeling of those early trials to how it feels now as a honed and professional artist?

I definitely recall the nerves when I was first starting out! Since my father is a professional and established musician, it was not uncommon for him to ‘throw me’ up on stage with him. When I first started writing music as a young teen, I remember my knees shaking in anticipation before every gig.

Now, as a professional musician, it feels amazing to show my love for music and get the audience engaged. I love looking into the crowd and giving the audience a show that they will remember. I love to interact with the audience a lot too!

Tell us about The Lust In Between – a really unusual style, fast-paced lyrics and quirky production – how did this come to be, and what inspired it?

Ha! Quirky is an interesting way to describe this song 🙂 I left a long-term relationship so I wanted to write about the break up and also that space in between when you find yourself again and explore other relationships. We mixed several genres in this but maintained a soulful feel. I love how this came out because it has that unique sound I was going for. I am stoked that Sony Orchard of Song Music is behind this song!

What do you hope people take away from the song?

I hope people can relate to this song because it really runs the gamut regarding relationships. I want them to not only relate to it but also feel all the energy we put into the musical production. I definitely was “in it” when I sang this vocal and felt every single lyric.

Who or what were your greatest influences as you built your own artistic style?

I was heavily influenced by my incredible father James Cheadle. His musicianship blows my mind. I am definitely an old soul so I love Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, etc. I love older music because it is so raw and genuine. I, of course, am influenced by newer sounds as well, but I always like to write with purity and honesty.

What’s the live scene like around Philadelphia for this kind of sound?

It’s definitely real here in Philly! There are all sorts of genres but Philly is full of true musicians, comradery and a ton of music venues. I love this city because it still feels like a small town, in a way.

Is there much in the way of live performance planned from you for the summer, and if so – what will a stage show from Laura Cheadle be like?

Oh yes! I have tons of shows this Spring/Summer! The live show will feature all of my new music from my upcoming EP! I will be all over the country and locally so please check it all out at

Congratulations on the recent distribution deal with So Bold Entertainment/ Sony Orchard, in what ways has this development impacted your creativity, and your reach as a rising artist?

This has been such an amazing blessing! I love working with So Bold/Sony Orchard because it focuses my music in such a cool way. I always loved my R&B sound and this direction just feels so natural for my voice and vibe.

What’s the best thing that could happen for you following these recent successes, and what’s your goal for the year ahead?

I love being able to sing my songs, perform for a live audience and continue to inspire others through music. It has always been my goal to be a healer, in a way, through music. I know my heart shines through and I will continue to do so. 🙂

Is there anything else you’d like listeners to know about you?

Definitely check out my latest music video for my single Reverberate and stay tuned for my very own Laura Cheadle platform featuring a live concert of all of my new music on – I will be showcased alongside industry giants such as Brandy, Chance The Rapper, T Pain and many more! Also, check me out on Instagram.

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