Kejuan Servin - "I knew I could actually rap and wanted to be taken seriously, I wanted people to hear me." - Stereo Stickman

Kejuan Servin “I knew I could actually rap and wanted to be taken seriously, I wanted people to hear me.”


With the collaborative single Mrs.Right currently making waves through the Hip Hop realm, plus a new single, EP and Album all lined up for the weeks ahead, we caught up with rapper and artist Kejuan Servin, to find out more about what drives the music he makes. Here’s how it went.

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Kejuan – thanks for the interview! For those who don’t know, how would you define your approach to Hip Hop?

As far as my approach I don’t really have one, there’s nothing specific about what I do, I just like making music bro, Lol – it’s all Freeform, I just do what I feel like doing that day, whatever I make I make kinda thing.

Tell me about the single Mrs.Right, hard-hitting by design and creatively mixing up the flows and production along the way, a lot of freestyle energy from one bar to the next – how did the collaboration and the track come to be?

The other artists in the song I know in real life, like we all basically grew up together, so we always talked but Luh Gudda found the beat, sent it to the iMessage group chat and literally was like ‘everybody gotta get on this’, simple as that. And we did, it was done by the next day – he handled all the production for it and mixing and mastering

What’s your background – when did you first get into music, and who inspires you?

I’m from Winston Salem, North Carolina. I’ve been rapping since the age of like 7-8 but I didn’t drop my real first song until 2018, back then I was tryna be a meme rapper so people ain’t take me serious and just thought everything I said was funny. I wanted to blow off that but over time I evolved and just started trying different things. I knew I could actually rap and wanted to be taken seriously – I wanted people to hear me.

Do you produce your own tracks, and if so, how do you start things off?

I don’t do much producing I just find beats i like either from YouTube or ones that were sent to me and put my vocals over the beat and just talk. I don’t really like doing much to my music cause I want everything to sound Raw and authentic, I want it to sound just Like me – I want you to feel every bar from the spirit. So I let production take a backseat I do use presets though but that’s about it. Sometimes I change the beat speed too, like on Tony and imprint those beats didn’t originally sound like that I put my own lil spin on them.

The flow throughout your repertoire seems to bring in a new twist of contemporary Trap and pace, what are your thoughts on the changes happening for the genre right now?

Right now I feel like rap hip hop trap all have so many like sub genres within like you can’t even categorize it really any more, and I feel like over time it’s just gon keep growing, and I love that. It’s cool and I wanna be one of the pioneers to bring about that change.

Where are you based, and what’s the live scene like there right now?

I’m in North Carolina – honestly it’s dead over here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s rappers but we not popping like Atlanta and places like that, we still tryna make a mark really.

How often do you perform, and what would be your dream venue or event to grace the stage of?

I’ve only ever performed once and honestly it didn’t go too good. Well at first anyway, but towards the end everybody was going crazy. I wanna perform at Coachella, I feel like that be like a surreal experience.

What is it about Hip Hop that draws you in?

The sounds – it’s so many different sounds when it comes to hip hop, that’s really what does it for me.

What’s next for you, any longer projects or visuals, collabs or new singles coming up?

I’m dropping a music video for Eden’s Garden soon and I’m dropping a collab EP with Gtb Mike called same night, Sep 1st, then I’m dropping an album called servin.

Does your creativity manifest itself in any other ways?

Through drugs.

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Find Kejuan Servin on Instagram & Soundcloud.

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