J.B.E Bad Business - "I have to impress myself, once I do that I win the audience." - Stereo Stickman

J.B.E Bad Business “I have to impress myself, once I do that I win the audience.”


Armed with the brand new project Mob2k2023, rapper and artist J.B.E Bad Business stopped by to talk about his musical journey so far. We dig into what inspires this sound and style, where he came from, and how the music first emerged. Here’s the conversation in full.

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What genre of music do you specialize in, and what elements define your sound as a rapper?

My music genre of hip hop is gangster rap, the elements of the streets and the neighborhoods report is the sound that defines my musical tune.

Can you highlight a specific track or project that you feel best represents your musical style and vision?

On the new project Mob2k2023 I have a track called Goonz, this song highlights how my musical sound and vision truly is. Street Royalty.

Could you walk us through your creative process when writing and producing music, from inception to the final product?

My process is very simple, does it sound good to me 1st, because if it doesn’t then I bet it doesn’t sound good to other people either. I have to impress myself, once I do that I win the audience.

Where did your musical journey begin, and how did you get started as a rapper?

I got started early in the 5th grade becoming a rapper and it was like learning how to ride a bike or play a video game but with Creative Literature back in the good ole days of Sacramento.

How do you aim to connect with your audience through your music, and what messages or emotions do you hope to convey?

If you like gangster rap music and would like to see the underworld talent of Northern California Rappers from Sacramento, tap in to the music – you won’t regret it.

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