Geburah - "Honesty & sincerity is my expectation from any artist, so when I produce music, I have to stick to this rule myself." - Stereo Stickman

Geburah “Honesty & sincerity is my expectation from any artist, so when I produce music, I have to stick to this rule myself.”


Following the release of his two-track EP Secret Little Space, we caught an interview with Salzburg’s Geburah to find out more about about the music, his thoughts on songwriting in general, and his plans for the future. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Geburah – thanks for the interview. For those who don’t know, how would you describe your sound and your approach to songwriting?

Hey – thank you for having me. I’d say it’s a very raw kind of approach. My sound doesn’t actually follow specific rules but rather seeks the best way that supports and expresses the message I want to deliver. That is, from EDM to acoustic guitar music – it’s a wide range.

Who or what would you say inspires you the most, creatively?

Emotions. You can write songs about anything, but if you want to
be real and authentic, you have to explore your own feelings and experiences. Therefore, love will always be a prevalent topic in my songs.

Secret Little Space sees you delve deep into a personal backstory, a relationship gone wrong – what was the songwriting process like for this, and do you ever worry about disclosing too much; or is it better to just go with the flow when writing?

Ha – yeah – it was a painful process. Yet, having drafted the final version of the lyrics, I was able to let go of a lot of old stuff that had been blurring my mind. After I had completed the first demo version of Secret Little Space, I finally played it to the man I had been addressing, who was deeply touched and agreed on my publication of the final version. I’m really happy about that, as each single word was chosen for a very specific reason.

At the same time, my stance is that you shouldn’t hold back from anyone. Music needs to be more honest these days. All of my tracks are very honest and real. I guess this honesty and sincerity is my expectation from any artist, so when I produce music, I have to stick to this rule myself.

Salzburg has a great music scene, buskers and venues united – do you perform much, and if so, what does that involve; set-up-wise?

At the moment, I‘ve been taking small steps toward that goal. I haven‘t performed in front of a wider audience yet, for the reason that I want to finish my album first. So I don’t want to specify the set-up at this point. I can reveal more as soon as I have decided upon the actual songs that will be on the album.

What are your main aspirations as a creative?

I try to show people that there is always more than one perspective on the same thing. And with regard to emotions, there can be more than one feeling at stake at the same time. You can simultaneously love and hate someone, even though it’s contradictory and it confuses you. So I present an insight into my emotions that is more complex than a simple “I hate you” song is able to do.

What’s next for you?

First, to finish the album, then to perform live. Eventually, finding a label that produces my sound.

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