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Earl Adamant Allen Interview


Earl ‘Adamant’ Allen is a musician and rapper based in Texas. His music purely and consistently pushes positivity and good vibes. We wanted to know a little more about where he gets this good energy and what inspires him to create. Here’s what he had to say. 

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Hi Earl, thanks so much for your time today – I’m a big fan of Not Enough and the general underlying message of positivity that you put forth. How did you come to write the song – are you a producer first or a songwriter? And if there was a significant other that it related to – did you get a good reaction? 

Being a song writer comes first. I love the process of crafting music. Not Enough was created to show my wife that I have the ability to be affectionate. My wife believes that I am not much of an affectionate person due to not kissing her, holding her hand and telling her I love her all the time. While I was writing Not Enough I wanted to go into detail how much she means to me, why being with her made me a better man and overall providing her with the affection she yearned for. I remember the day Not Enough was complete and the reaction she gave hearing the song for the first time. The reaction she gave was priceless. It’s amazing how music has the ability to bring people joy.

What does the name ‘Adamant’ mean to you?

To me, the name Adamant means a person who is going to stand by what he believes in, a person who has a clear understanding of who he is and who he isn’t and refuses to be persuaded by negativity. I’m Adamant about making music with substance while being a positive influence.

Have you always been an advocate for positive thinking and staying motivated, or did it come with experience?

When I was younger I struggled managing my emotions at times. My Mother passed away when I was five years old and my father was never in the picture.  I used to hang around the wrong crowd which often lead to negativity. My Aunt Claudia who raised me was a very positive person. My Aunt always taught me to look at the bright side of things. Education was very important to her which later on became important to me due to the consistency and structure she provided.

Who or what inspires you to create and to drive this concept of brightness and possibility? Either in music, elsewhere in art, or simply the people around you…

My wife, daughter and son inspire me. I used to think I wasn’t going to be anything special or do anything significant. I had to learn how to get out of that mindset because my family deserved better. My family deserved my best efforts. I was no longer willing to settle for less. I was determined to become an established hip hop artist for my family. Family is everything to me. I believe music lasts forever. My family will always be able to hear my voice and get to relive that moment.

You work in a juvenile treatment Centre – that must be quite inspiring as well as challenging from time to time. How does your work affect your perspective and your creativity, and do you teach anything musical to the young people you work with or collaborate with them? 

I have been working at a juvenile treatment Centre for four years. I love working at the treatment center because I have the ability to make a difference in the kids’ lives every day. Every day is different and some days are extremely challenging. I believe working with the youth helped me become a better parent and a better person. I have gained a lot of knowledge and tools that can be used to assist others. I enjoy helping the kids work on their goals, motivating them along with encouraging them to utilize their coping skills.

How important is live music to you, will you be performing much in the coming months, and what is the live music scene like in San Antonio and the surrounding state? 

I believe performing live is essential to becoming an established artist. I’m currently seeking touring opportunities. The live music scene in San Antonio and surrounding areas are very supportive of aspiring hip hop artists.

What is the bigger picture for you? 

My goal is to become an established hip hop artist. I want to build a business that helps other artists achieve their dreams along with providing the youth with the tools and resources to become musical entrepreneurs.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your music or your plans for the future, and what is your advice to anyone who might be struggling to see the brightness in life? 

I plan on collaborating with other artists who are positive influences. I also plan to create merchandise and physical copies of my album to provide for my fans. I encourage aspiring hip hop artist to continue educating themselves, stay consistent and make music with meaning.

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