Davide Paludi - "Music is a real feeling, that’s why it variates from person to person. I consider myself a sound colorist." - Stereo Stickman

Davide Paludi “Music is a real feeling, that’s why it variates from person to person. I consider myself a sound colorist.”


Following the release of his latest project Back To Zero, we caught up with lifelong musician and electronic producer Davide Paludi, to find out more about his journey as an artist, his creative process, and the story behind the EP. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Davide, great to connect with you – huge congrats on the wonderful new EP. For those new to your work, how would you describe your creative approach?

I’m going with the flow through a laptop with simple grooves and loops I made and after that, I build a melody with my favorite virtual instruments.

I try to keep it as simple as possible, the inspiration is a flash into the abyss of routine; The contemporary artist’s goal is to find a way to get ideas quickly and express that in a very good shape; I’ve no rules after all.

The EP is loaded with ambient grooves and lush melodic synth arrangements, as well as some notably more experimental depths and details. How do you decide in which direction you want to take a track – is there a concept at its core, or just a sound or mood driving things?

I’m not a methodical person, therefore I’m used to surprising myself with unknown ways to create music. For example, when you are building a sort of ambient music and at the same time there’s a 4/4 kick who tells you to put it into that track, that’s the magic of making music.

Tell us about the crafting of Back To Zero, what was unique about this collection for you, and what the five tracks represent as a whole.

You know, I build music as an artwork. Back to Zero, it tells how many difficulties you affront during life – not only as a human being but as an artist. There are many rules in the music biz, for example, “you must release an album per year at least”, but that affirmation struggles with the routine of a human being; that’s why I’m independent with my little label ‘Electronic Chateau’. The EP was recorded in many parts of Europe: Paris, Bristol, Berlin, and Pescara. I prefer to record my ideas in a hotel or a little studio – I’m not a super fan of a big studio so far.

You initially studied classical guitar, a distinctly different musicality to the now synth-led electronic realm you find yourself excelling within. In what way, if at all, did your time spent with the acoustic guitar impact your understanding of or passion for electronic music?

There isn’t any relationship between a classic guitar and a synth, but I’ve always been in search of something different than a classic sound. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate many classical musicians who have an expanded vision of music; I’m totally in love with the good relationship between classic and contemporary music making.

You’re inspired by all things visual and audio-expressive, particularly film soundscapes. What would you say is one of the most perfectly composed movies (with the most impactful soundtrack), and why?

I think the Theory of Everything with Jóhann Jóhannsson’s score, was a real artist. Because his sonic vision has gone through the limit of a movie and a simple soundtrack not only as a background but has a strong soul also without images, and I think especially nowadays is more important to find a combination between electronic sounds and classical – art is a way to push the boundaries.

Given that you also work as a DJ, would you say your passion comes through more notably in the studio, or during live performances?

I’m a studio man, but I love to perform in public because your music brings another direction. Music is a real feeling, that’s why it variates from person to person. I consider myself a sound colorist.

What’s your greatest ambition as a creative?

My greatest ambition as a creative is to found a free school factory with other open-minded musicians and sound artists for talented people.

Is there anything else we should know?

“In Sound, the Experiment is the element”

That’s my 2 cents.

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