David Sirkis - "I simply can't see a different way to make music. Like every other art form, music has to be authentic in order to be relevant." - Stereo Stickman

David Sirkis “I simply can’t see a different way to make music. Like every other art form, music has to be authentic in order to be relevant.”


Imaginative jazz drummer and original composer David Sirkis’ reputation precedes him; his collaborations with Jazz greats Shai Maestro, Yonatan Voltzok and Barak Mori created waves, and rightfully conjured up vast interest in his upcoming releases.

David will soon be setting off with his new band on tour. Simply witness his performances to understand why he is considered such a unique music creator and innovative leader amidst the Israeli scene.

The new songs Unleash Your Wild Self and The Specific Ocean are quick, snappy and fast-paced, gripping the listener and dropping things back down just as soon as the time is right.

David’s additional work with his Toa and Freeup bands introduce an act with equal parts delicacy and weight about their creative expression, with subtle riffs and dreamy quietness. Without a doubt, keep Sirkis in mind as a jarringly good jazz drummer of our time. Give his music a listen.

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Hi David – thanks for the opportunity to talk music with you, a real pleasure! As a jazz composer and experienced drummer – what’s the most important aspect of a performance?

I always try to play sincerely. I think great music is happening when the musician is playing himself effortlessly and not trying to please or impress.

Tell us about Unleash Your Wild Self – where did the idea come from, and how did things evolve as you started to gather your band and additional layers?

Like most of my compositions, it started from the melody. I guess I was practicing a lot of 5/4 rhythms at the time so when I sat at the piano it naturally came out this way. I struggled with the harmony a bit because there were so many possibilities that worked with the melody, but then I thought more about what this composition meant to me and decided that it was going to have that ‘fast and furious’ feeling to it.

What’s the live jazz scene like where you’re based, and what would be your dream venue or event to grace the stage at?

Considering the size of this country, the Jazz scene in Israel is amazing. It’s not as big as other places but the musicians are incredible, most of them lived for a certain time in NYC. My dream venue would be ‘The Village Vanguard’ in New York.

You stated that your favorite music was ‘created by people who were devoted to finding their voice and expressing it masterfully’. There’s a refreshing quality to music made out of a sheer passion for the process of expression, it’s something that can’t be faked. How can you make sure to maintain that authenticity in light of growing streaming numbers and a broader audience?

I simply can’t see a different way to make music. Like every other art form, music has to be authentic in order to be relevant. When you’re not true to yourself you can’t be unique. When you’re connected to who you are and what your art is about, you have to be unique, because there’s only one of you in this world.

In what ways do you feel that your parents’ affinity for Opera has impacted your own musical route? Do the emotions or traits of Opera feed into your own creative style in any way?

In a strange way, I think my parents’ expertise in classical music made me go on a different path. I was listening to a lot of classical music at home but was drowned more into Rock and Pop music at first. That way when starting to play the drums I had my own world to study by myself.

What are your plans creatively following the release of the new single – what will 2023 bring about?

Lots of different things coming up! First, Unleash Your Wild Self was the 1st single out of my upcoming album coming out April 2nd. Also, my other 2 main projects will release their debut albums – Komradin and Freefall. To my followers in Israel – The band and I will a CD release concert at The Zone TLV on April 2nd, come through!

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Find out more about David Sirkis via his Website or follow him on Instagram & Facebook.

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