BC - "It’s me, finally getting to speak about what happened & why I had this internal struggle for so long." - Stereo Stickman

BC “It’s me, finally getting to speak about what happened & why I had this internal struggle for so long.”


Back with a bang and offering a rock anthem of instrumental weight, vocal passion and lyrical depth, songwriter and artist BC stops by to talk all things One Night. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hey – great to hear new music from you again, One Night is powerful! There’s a raw edge of emotion to this one, it feels genuine and deeply honest. Could this be your most fiercely impactful anthem yet?

Thank you 😊

Lyrically, it’s quite raw and honest. It’s about something that has had an impact on me. It was an episode of heartbreak; I lost my way somewhat in life after it for a long time and I’m lucky I snapped out of it some years back, but I revisited it for the song as I felt I needed to. It dawned on me that I never spoken about it, ever, and I wasn’t having that!

Heartbreak is something that everyone goes through in life, so I’d like to think it’s a relatable song in that instance and if it has an impact on just one listener, I’m happy.

I love the track and I was very lucky to have such amazing musicians on it, especially the second vocalist, Arianna Corona. She’s just brilliant!

The vocals, lyrics and visuals all feed into the painful ache at the heart of the song. It screams out on the listener’s behalf in a therapeutic, rock-as-escapism fashion. Is that how it feels to perform it, or do you switch off from the emotions and just put on a show for the fans?

Good question… When I was recording it, I put myself back to that time when it happened, so when you hear the vocals become angry in the song or more melancholic that is a genuine emotion.

It’s me, finally getting to speak about what happened and why I had this internal struggle for so long. You must, regardless of the subject. Otherwise, if you’re writing songs that aren’t genuine, honest and emotive then, what’s the point? You must put yourself in the moment! If you don’t, it’s easy to spot.

Performing it live is similar. It can vary given the energy and adrenaline that comes with performing in front of people, but the same principal applies.

Is there a classic rock song (or other genre) that has the same immersive effect on you?

They all have the same effect on me to be honest. Doesn’t matter the genre for me, it’s about the song and how it hits me inside.

I was in a bar recently and Human by The Human League came on. Hadn’t heard it in years. Actually, forgot about it but, it took over my entire body and mind. It transported me back to somewhere I wanted to be and to someone I wanted to be with, and it was wonderful! Sad and tearful but, wonderful at the same time.

Which lyric stands out to you the most from the verses of One Night, and why?

All of them…

There isn’t one I could just pick out to be honest. Going through the lyrics in my head now, every line is as impactful as the next to me so I can’t split them.

It’s a huge and mighty set up – will there be a full band tour anytime soon?

I would love to have a full band tour!! It would be a dream!!

Anyone who knows me or who has seen my videos knows that I love performing! It’s one of my great loves! I couldn’t swap it for anything! It’s something that I absolutely must make happen! 😊

What have been the main changes for you as an artist since we last spoke?

From my perspective, nothing really. I say nothing because all the songs have been written so I know what they’re about, what direction they go in etc so it’s hard for me to say.

From the listener’s standpoint, I would say that perhaps the song writing has become a bit more personal with the release of One Night and perhaps more direct. My previous 3 releases, whilst matters of the heart and soul, weren’t about one individual… Or 2 or 3 individuals, depending on you look at it. I will always have the same principal though and that is to get out of the way of the song! Let the song write itself!

I don’t care if the song demands an orchestra or if it demands to be stripped down to nothing but hitting a spoon against pots and pans or insults me or hurts me, or the subject matter takes offence to it. That isn’t my problem! You let the song take you to where it wants to go.

Where do you see your music heading stylistically over the next twelve months?

I’m torn between two songs for my next release. Both different from each other and from what I’ve put out before, both different from One Night but, still will have the same vocal and guitar sound 😊

I’m lucky in the sense that I have an eclectic mixture of songs and extremely lucky that I have such amazing musicians that are willing to play on the songs, so I’ll see.

Thinking about it, my next release out of those two will be a song called You Were Heaven which would bookend the subject of One Night and close that chapter 😊

What’s your biggest ambition right now?

To have my music heard by as many people as possible, to play live in front of as many people as possible and to connect with anyone who hits play on my music.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Hope you enjoy the song and come join me on my adventure and follow me on Spotify, Instagram, YouTube Facebook & TikTok for more releases. 😊

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Thanks again to BC for the time & insight. Photos by Marcin W Photography.

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