A G E N T - "Throw in misinformation & other variables. A Molotov cocktail of propaganda overload. FUCK THIS NOISE." - Stereo Stickman

A G E N T “Throw in misinformation & other variables. A Molotov cocktail of propaganda overload. FUCK THIS NOISE.”


The artist that is A G E N T recently released his hard-hitting, punk-rock-revival track FUCK THIS NOISEWe caught an interview with him to find out more about his musical journey so far. Here’s how it went. 

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Hey – thanks for the interview! Brilliant new song, really enjoying it. For those who don’t know, how would you describe your sound?

For now… Hella organic DIY garage punk rock ‘n’ roll with a dash of surf and metal. =)

What does the song FUCK THIS NOISE represent for you?

The noise is from the epidemic consumption and output of our media in this rapid-fire frenzy of: 24 hour (political, gossip, pundits, celebrities, radio) and then re-broadcasted by a polluted social media system by more random people. Then throw in misinformation and other variables. A Molotov cocktail of propaganda overload. Therefore, FUCK THIS NOISE.

What prompted you to first start making music, and what drives you to continue?

It’s a long story – only saved for an exclusive interview with MTV’s Kurt Loder. In short, A G E N T ‘s music journey rebirth originated from my past late 90’s punk band formally called, “Double Agent”. Fast forward 15 years later, A G E N T was reborn and driven by a loss of my father due to cancer, in tandem going through a long-term personal relationship breakdown. Causing a dysfunctional life struggle keeping mental health in constant check. Before my father’s passing, he told me to never stop playing and keep writing. A G E N T is fueled by the high highs and low lows of life with raw emotion on stage and in the sound. Every day is a gift and keeping things grounded in my angst and optimism for the future – while believing in yourself on a daily basis to make positive change.

A G E N T is indie, underground, under the influence of all types of music, especially rock, punk and metal. I work with friends and artists to put out music and play with a full band or I perform solo acoustic unplugged shows – rocking the stages at historic places around the SF Bay area, where my classic local heroes like Metallica, Green Day, NOFX and others making their mark.

What’s the live scene like where you are for this kind of music, and can we expect tours further afield?

The scene methinks is still happening in Berkeley at 924 Gilman (Green Day started out) where a good crop of new local bands are inspiring me. For a tour, 2020 sounds like an awesome year to have one!

If you could play any event or venue in the world, past or present, which would you choose – and why?

Ooooh great question! I got two answers!

All the Woodstocks – The time before the internet. It was a clusterfuck logistically, yet memorable on so many levels with soooo many legendary artists.

All the Vans Warped tours – The traveling punk rock circus I always wanted to tour with, my favorite bands, plus free shoes. =)

What are your thoughts on the current mainstream music industry and the future of punk-rock?

There is way too much new music. Hard to stand out for any indie artist. I look to my heroes pre-internet. They are legends cause they did it grass roots. I’m pretty traditional. For example, when I was younger, I heard a song on the radio or when a single/album came out. I went to go buy it at the store. The patience game was worth it, to savor that moment and cherish that physicality. Now it’s like instant on demand deployment. That is amazing to have – that self service model thanks to the internet. But again, that’s easy.

Punk rock is my ethic. DIY. The genre inspires me cause it’s freedom from the norm. The future is diluted because we are in different times. The revival of it is special and that’s my future and versatility of being anything I want to be.

What’s next for you?

Staying creatively independent, musically and artistically. Writing new songs and recording. Playing live more and having fun. I live to perform. Music is a positive force and energy – a therapy that satisfies the soul. And music being a commonality which brings people together especially to share magical moments and good vibrations.

Is there anything else we should know?

I just put out my album SUMMON THE JUICES on vinyl. I only made 10 vinyls. Yes 10, ultra-rare handmade lathe cut vinyls from Texas, for a short limited edition run. I put a cool story about it on my Instagram called “10 Vinyls” https://instagram.com/agentshadi/ and planted them around record shops in the SF bay area. This was a fun scavenger hunt idea I had. I took a long journey for this nostalgic throwback moment by showing the process of producing this album including the design. Then, with that indie approach of what it takes; by going out to get a record out into a store and supporting a local artist feel. Ya know!

Phewww! Thanks! That was my first interview!

Visit A G E N T with links to streams and more at https://AGENT.fm

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