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Hypnosis – Everywhere: Ines Simpson and the Simpson Protocol (PODCAST)


Ines Simpson hosts this hypnosis focused, self-development podcast. The show digs deep into the proven methods and techniques for improving health and well-being, overcoming struggles. It also maintains a topical air of relevance, which helps listeners relate to the concepts at hand in a currently actionable and beneficial manner.

As an example, a recent episode tackles the current global Coronovirus pandemic, and the striking effects of panic and raised cortisol levels on the body and the mind. The discussion details how we can take steps towards a more rational and stable mindset.

* * *

Every so often the world always goes crazy. We seem to have to live at ten, emotionally, because if we’re not screaming and frightened, it’s like we’re not living…

* * *

There’s a calming and grounded sense of oneness and stillness to the topics at hand, which is something we need all the more so during times of crisis. Speaking from vast experience and personal awareness alike, the hosts offer up the tools proven to help take control of your own mind and subsequently enrich your life; regardless of the apparent difficulties all around.

From fear and anxiety to fully fledged phobias, physical, mental and spiritual health – Hypnosis can help with a plethora of hardships, and set you on the path to self-enlightenment and mental stability. Hypnosis – Everywhere lays out the building blocks in a clear and concise manner.

Broadcast Live every Wed at 11.00am Pacific time – then is archived as a podcast on Voice America, Stitcher, Spotify & iTunes. Visit the show’s Website for more information.

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