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Human Sushi – Episode 22: Happy 420 (PODCAST)


Dre and Rene host the unapologetically laid-back, pro-haze podcast that is Human Sushi. Though the show touches on anything and everything, this recent episode sees the pair delve deep into the very culture and art of 4/20. Things start off on a high – pun absolutely intended – and continue to run wild and free throughout various topics ranging from marriage to pets to reflections on society and life itself.

Soopaman joins the conversation and the three-way dynamic seems perfect for giving the whole thing a hang-out-like vibe – welcoming and accessible as it plays out, feeling like a chilled out chat with friends on the big and not-so-big issues in life.

While there’s undoubtedly an element of comedy to the show, there’s also a certain level of depth to it – the questions presented dig deep into, for example, how marriage really affects things or changes things between people. It’s interesting to listen to and consider, and the same goes for many of the topics that come up later on. Without letting things get too silly, the trio hold a strong discussion that genuinely feels like the sort of late-night chats the modern stoner might stumble into in real life.

As far as podcasts go, this is easily one of the most authentic out there. You can tell that this conversation would be pretty much exactly the same whether the mics were on or not. Though you may be new to the show, the content is totally relatable for most young adults or modern humans in general. There’s something fascinating about the way they come at the topics, the considerate nature of the questions and responses, and indeed just the intricate manner in which they ponder social constructs and respect and happiness.

Maybe it’s the green talking, sure it’s known to help you dig a little deeper or focus in more intently on specific ideas, but if you were to tune in unaware you’d likely find the whole thing appealing and engaging regardless.

The hosts and the guest alike are respectful and articulate critical thinkers, and that makes for the perfect way to spend an hour or so – or the perfect soundtrack to let play as you work out or drive or go about your day.

A senseless podcast for a senseless world. Find & follow Human Sushi on Facebook & Instagram or visit their Website.

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