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How To Fail Podcast, with Jon Boone


Vulnerability and honest reflection help make the How To Fail Podcast one of the most insightful, inspiring and actionable self-help podcasts around.

Jon Boone hosts a series of privately captured recordings that dig into various stories relating to success, but does so through the unique lens of failure. This is not exclusively relating to work ethic or ambition, but includes more down-to-earth and deeply human topics like suicide and grief. That fearlessly honest approach is met by a clear willingness to be open and genuine at the helm, and as such, whichever episode you choose to begin with will likely connect in an instant.

Most recently, the episode How to Fail… Grief feels authentically personal but relatable – Jon relaying his family life and situation but also then extending that to be inclusive and accessible for the many who’ve experienced similar difficulties and even the darkness of grief. The episode is both heartbreaking and uplifting in its sense of possibility for overcoming past mistakes, and this quality rings loud throughout the How To Fail Podcast.

Promising a candid exploration of both triumphs and failures, How To Fail delves into the struggles or bumps in the roads that are inevitable as we work towards a brighter tomorrow. The podcast follows a distinctly intimate and personal pathway, with host Jon openly detailing his own stories of setbacks and pivotal moments that ultimately proved crucial on his road towards success. The podcast covers career missteps and life challenges combined, and maintains a respectably raw, home-made and unedited format, which naturally lets the information feel genuine, relatable, and relevant to the average listener.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a creative artist trying to carve out a lane of your own, or even just someone seeking to feel more empowered and capable in daily life, the How To Fail Podcast delivers a compelling balance of hope, heartache and humour, and introduces a thoughtful and welcoming host with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

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