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Celebrating classic and contemporary films alike – the past and the present of movies that impacted the scene – House Of Cinema leads with rightfully cinematic sound-bites to introduce each episode. The podcast then proceeds to follow up that initial nostalgia or excitement with born-to-host personalities, Joe and Ren, showcasing a clear passion for the format.

A recent episode talks about the infamous trilogy opener, 2005’s Batman Begins (was it really fifteen years ago?!). The hosts kick off the episode with a clip from the film, and go on to talk its making, time-span, soundtracks, fight scenes, potential alternative plots, the release stats and reception, and the difference between critic representation and fan approval. Their insight and knowledgeable approach makes this far more interesting than the average, purely opinion-led movie review podcast.

Other episodes so far have talked about nineties hits like 10 Things I Hate About You, and even unforgettable clips from the seventies, such as the ever-loved Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Throw in a dash of Kill Bill, Hook, Spider-Man and Armageddon, and you clearly realize that no genre or manner of film-making is out of bounds.

The hosts’ broad appreciation for the movie world seems limitless, and this enthusiasm, fused with a clearly well-researched approach to each episode, makes this a quickly entertainment, respectable film review podcast. At the very least, the show will remind you to re-discover some timeless classics, and at best – it will introduce you to a new favorite.

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