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The Help 2 Succeed Podcast is a show that was born out of a need to highlight the precise steps required to build a lasting career in the arts and performing arts. With the evolution of the internet, it’s become easier than ever to share and discover new music and art – with that though, comes the inevitable fact that the competition is greater than ever; the battle to be heard or seen can often feel relentless and impossible to conquer.

Help 2 Succeed was created by a fine artist, a digital artist and author, with direct experience in this field. Leigh-Ann Edrich – also known as ILIA – is the founder and producer of the show, and possesses clear knowledge of what works and doesn’t work. Throughout the various podcast episodes – several guests also appear to further the conversation and underline stories and advice designed to inspire, motivate, and help you get ahead with your music.

Podcast episodes feature several different hosts, each one choosing the questions themselves with the intention of delving into the subject of what it takes to be successful.

A recent episode, an interview with Harvey Myers, digs deep into a decades-long career and life as a musician and songwriter. Myers joins the host and talks openly and accessibly, letting this feel like a genuine and passionate conversation between creatives. The stories Myers offers up are not only captivating but incredibly reflective and valuable in terms of considering your own pathway and your options as an up and coming musician or artist. A fascinating insight into songwriting emerges, live performance and audience connection are also touched upon, as well as some notably personal moments that help give the whole show an organic and authentic vibe.

Help 2 Succeed Podcast is a genuine show, intended to help and offer effective advice and tips for struggling creatives. It also features various original songs that introduce you to brand new music and help structure the show in a manner that keeps you engaged throughout.

The Help 2 Succeed Website has been running for over 20 years and offers plenty of knowledge and services in addition to the Podcast, making them a worthy choice if you’re looking to further your understanding of the performing arts industries or career building in general. Inspiring and genuinely useful content, well worth exploring.

Listen to the Help 2 Succeed “Pay It Forward” show to hear interviews of successful Artists and Performing Artists who share their tips for success. Gain insights to the actions that are taken to make dreams realities. Your dreams can come true.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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