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Growing Up Roadschooled, By Kelsey Henry (PODCAST)


Written and performed by best-selling author and singer-songwriter Kelsey Henry, Growing Up Roadschooled is a unique audio-book series and podcast that offers a welcomed hit of escapism for music and story fans alike.

Emerging as short, ten to twenty minute episodes, Growing Up Roadschooled sees Kelsey narrate and perform chapters from her book of the same title, in which she details a plethora of experiences from her time spent on the road in an RV from age 11 to 17.

Kelsey’s incomparable background makes for a fascinating and inspiring listen, yet it does so with a certain youthful optimism and joy – which further helps separate the entire format from the vast majority of other story-telling podcasts or audio books.

Whether you’re in love with the road and traveling or are an indie artist looking to take the next steps in your career, Growing Up Roadschooled covers one girl’s journey through both, and makes for an easy go-to whenever things get too busy or overwhelming. Kelsey’s positive mindset shines brightly throughout the 31 episodes already uploaded.

Well worth a listen, a refreshingly honest and family-friendly look at real life and big dreams united.

Check out all episodes via Anchor or Amazon. Find & follow Kelsey Henry on Instagram or visit her Website.

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