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Get-Gigs : The All-inclusive Show Trading & Gig Booking Community


Bridging the gap between the live artist and their vast potential audience, Get-Gigs is a brand new Gig Booking Community, allowing musicians, venues and promoters to share connections and build opportunities through networking and promotion; and it’s all entirely FREE.

Built from the ground up by musicians and hosts who’d grown weary of unresponsive agents and venues, Get-Gigs emerged in 2022 as an easier option for booking shows and building contacts.

The Get-Gigs website removes the middle-man and takes the hassle out of the process, so hard-working bands and artists can more naturally take the steps required to continue building their careers.

Now covering venues, events and acts from the US, Canada, Europe and beyond, the globally inclusive Get-Gigs allows artists to show-trade with one another in order to gain access to reputable gigs in cities and towns further afield.

For the independent artist and musician, it’s an invaluable tool, and utilises community and connection above competition or taking on the industry alone.

Set up your FREE profile with ease & gain instant access to an ever-expanding list of available gigs from across the board.

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Check out Get-Gigs on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website. Header photo – Damon Moreno (R) and Christopher Potter (L) at Get-Gigs HQ in California.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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