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Fun At Grandiddy’s House is a unique and independent podcast devoted to encouraging, educating, and entertaining children and the young at heart. The series features a delightful array of characters and tells a string of stories related to the everyday challenges of life that we encounter when growing up.

A recent example is Episode 18, Practice Practice Practice. This episode offers a valuable lesson on learning and developing skills to be the best that you can be at something – whatever it is that you wish to improve upon. The story touches on how difficult it can be to keep practicing, but also on how rewarding the end results are. Grandiddy uses musical instruments as examples and also refers to the likes of Michael Jordan in teaching the concept of practice as important.

The stories told are wonderfully entertaining, very easy and calming to listen to, and commonly feature original songs and music relating to the theme of the podcast. This particular episode features a superb story entitled The Kangaroo Who Couldn’t Hop, and this too helps reinforce in a memorable way the importance of practicing before being able to do something well. 

The key take-away from this recent session is that you can do anything you put your mind to. It encourages children to set goals and also teaches them that learning is fun and that many of their favourite people or characters from various areas of life have had to practice and practice and practice to be able to do what they can do at such a great level.

Throughout the podcasts Grandiddy meets with various different characters with an array of unique and entertaining voices and personalities. There really is something for every child included in the series, and it makes for a truly enjoyable and beneficial listening experiencing. Grandiddy’s narrative is an absolute joy to listen to, his voice comes with the warm and captivating delivery of any great storyteller, and the content throughout is valuable and well suited for the whole family to enjoy and benefit from.

Visit the Granddidy Website to find out more and to listen to the podcast. You can also listen on iTunes or Google Play. Find and follow Hey Grandiddy on Facebook & Twitter.

Listen to “Episode 18 – Practice Practice Practice” on Spreaker.

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