CJ Replay’s honest approach to expression & his unique sounding voice will hopefully see his creativity reach far & wide over the coming years. The beats chosen in both cases allow him to fully connect to the movement of the music in a fitting way.


As the track comes to a close, the entrancing set-up works further magic. This idea of knowing the truth is underlined by every aspect of the song; every moment shows you something new.


Apexisback brings the darkness, intensity & character required to give listeners the precise feeling of something epic making a return to the stage. The newly familiar, ever-creative rap-flow of Apex makes itself known early on.


Taking a touch of John Butler Trio & a dash of something a little more pop-driven – Jason Mraz comes to mind – Jack Shea offers up a refreshingly well crafted, uplifting soundscape & melody for his unapologetically honest new single.

Folk PopPopSka

The Silver Bayonets write some of the best songs out there in rock music right now. Their energy & lyricism always get to you, and although this track has been approached from a slightly different angle, the authenticity & inherent character of their sound remains.

Punk RockRock

Emily’s voice leads with a softness that appears undoubtedly genuine, and with that comes an inclination to really listen to the lyrics – at which point the authenticity of her writing & her whole approach to creativity reaches even greater heights. 

Folk Pop