This EP in its entirety is an absolute joy to listen to, so well crafted, really well arranged, and beautifully performed. If you’ve been looking for that fresh country playlist, classic and new all at once, poetic and thoughtful – look no further. 


GillaWatts crafted this entire EP based on a deathly journey through turmoil after visiting an Ayahuasca retreat. Whether you bear that in mind or not, these songs are superb – the production is so unique in itself, and the lyrics, the use of contrast – everything is fascinating, musically satisfying, and addictive to have fill the room around you.

Alt PopEDMSongwriterTrip-Hop

Skillfully walking the line between totally alternative or underground sounds & the more widely accessible, mainstream flavors of today. Grizzy takes on the issues of 2018 & the world as it is for the average young person with big dreams.

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

Tim Spriggs writes from a notably personal perspective, but it’s intriguing & accessible all at once – as if he’s speaking on those things we’d been thinking about, but hadn’t been able to put into words.


Borderline Bob write & compose songs that are completely free from the confines of genre or industry expectations. At the same time, they offer skillful musicianship, passionate performances, and more than a few beautifully expressive ideas.