This project is undoubtedly about the songwriting, that’s what stands the tallest. It’s a strong collection that will likely be enjoyed by fans spanning from the Eagles to the more modern day indie-rock bands of not too long ago.


The performance feels like a race down a highway, almost like Race to Neptune know they have the listener by the ears & can take you past your comfort zone. Abandon fashion, forget reservations & dance to this amazing EP while your brain races to the stars.


The craftsmanship is where the strength lies, this is a piece of audio to be experienced – the movement carries you along, the ideas provoke deep thought, and all in all you get that authentic, alternative trip-hop edge that is all too absent from mainstream music of late. 


These songs that make up the collection are beautifully well produced & also hit in the way that any superb & memorable song should. There’s plenty more to appreciate on top of this as the project plays out. 

Alt PopFunkSongwriterSoul

The guitar work is perfect, simple yet effective, instantly recognisable after even just a single listen. Soon enough, the song’s lyrics start to take hold, sinking in with the emotional depth of something incredibly real & heartfelt.

Indie RockRock

Radio Drive’s recently released project is one that brings a bright & emotionally open collection of songs that seem to float somewhere between indie-pop & the more classic rock sounds of the 70’s.