The UK’s own FINDERS BEEPERS HISTORY SEEKERS is an indie podcast that’s swiftly building a name for itself online – and an impressive audience along the way.

Defining itself as covering anything and everything or general tomfuckery, to be precise, the hosts of FINDERS BEEPERS bring classic Northern humour and laid-back personalities together to dig deep into everything from the paranormal to the pandemic. Along the way, plenty of relationship talk comes to light, including rejection, age gaps, sex dolls and even incest. No subject is out of bounds, and no statement born to be censored.

This is an access all areas, no bull kind of show, and the openness and clear honesty from all involved helps give it an endearing, easy to connect with sense of realness.

In times of struggle in particular, we need a little relief from the weight of the world, and the guys who host FINDERS BEEPERS make sure to keep things naturally comedic, easy-going, and increasingly enjoyable. The further into the show’s history you get, the more familiar you become with their personalities, and the more engaging the experience proves to be.

Emerging complete with full video footage of each episode, FINDERS BEEPERS dives into the Podcast and YouTube world with unquestionable authenticity. Sit back this lock-down, and put the world to rights with Matt and Andy.

Find & follow FINDERS BEEPERS on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

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