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Exploring Music Podcast


The SyncLodge Podcast Series Exploring Music is a show that, as you can expect, quickly drew our attention.

For the music fans and musicians alike listening or reading across the globe, this podcast takes a fascinating and engaging deep-dive into a plethora of music-related topics, from industry issues to popularity measures and everything in between.

Each episode introduces a pair of guests who are experts in their own industry fields, and who proceed to offer immeasurable insight and story-telling that will undoubtedly hold your attention, as well as open your eyes to a world of information about the music industry that had perhaps otherwise slipped underneath your radar.

A recent episode tackles the matter of Neighboring Rights – a phrase that might not be too familiar, but which, in reality, is something you’re likely to have at least read about or heard about in recent years. The subject matter is royalty based – who gets paid and when, how much, why, where’s mine?

Many smaller artists know little to nothing about royalties, and are actually highly likely to have been missing out, or to be owed a host of payments from their music being used in public settings. The discussion is crucial for indie artists to get a better grasp of how things work, and the guests help really lay things out in a simple, accessible and actionable manner.

At 45 minutes to an hour in every case, these episodes are an easy must for indie artists, bands and music fans to escape into and find themselves learning a whole lot about the music world that they hadn’t perhaps previously even considered.

From games music to rock to grime, shock factor to record deals and industry longevity, Exploring Music Podcast makes sure that listeners leave the experience with a far greater array of knowledge and understanding. Well worth a run through, and at 36 episodes deep there’s plenty to catch up on.

Check out all episodes via iTunes or visit the Podcast’s Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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