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Esfaras Music Services – Find & Book Nearby Recording Studios


In the age of content creation and at-home musicianship, aspirations are greater than ever, and work ethic and passion are consistently at the wheel. If you’ve made the music or content, but need to get access to the highest-quality or most affordable recording studios or mixing and mastering services, the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours scouring the web for something that fits.

Enter Esfaras, the one-stop music service compare-site for musicians, producers, and content creators.

Esfaras is a digital platform that takes out the hassle of researching and finding local recording studios and services when you’re on the move.

Featuring an incredibly user-friendly interface that allows for easy browsing through a comprehensive directory of music professionals, from other musicians, producers, and DJs, to independent studios and sound engineers, Esfaras promises to help relieve the struggle of reaching the next level as a creative.

Originally started in Germany, Esfaras has grown to also cover Austria and Switzerland, and offers a wealth of information, prices and service options at just the tap of a screen.

From aspiring musicians, producers and bands, to creators and podcasters looking to enhance their audio-visual projects, Esfaras acts as a price compare-site to set yourself up with whatever music service you require. From online mixing and mastering, to booking studio time, Esfaras researches the best in the market for each service on your behalf.

If you’re a studio owner yourself, looking to expand and build your repertoire, Esfaras can also help connect you with thousands of hard-working creatives looking to use your services. The platform lets you create a profile to showcase your skills and services as a music professional, as well as read reviews of competitors, and communicate directly with users and with the platform creators.

Whatever your field or role within music and creativity, the industry is changing faster than ever before, but fortunately – the future of music services lies within the hands of passionate and driven platform creators like Esfaras.

Built from the ground up and with the simple intention of helping your achieve your goals – Esfaras is free to sign up to, and allows you to find the perfect music services for your project.

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