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ElectroSpit – Vocal Instrument & Talkbox for Musicians


The World’s Most Expressive Instrument…

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Being inherently obsessed with all things musically creative, stumbling upon ElectroSpit was like opening the doorway to something totally new and exciting within the world of audio creation. Following the huge success of their Kickstarter Campaign, the product is well on its way to being a permanent fixture in the producer’s access to developing their own sound within music.

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The World’s First Mobile Talkbox:

Tubeless. Portable. Best Sound. Easy Pronunciation. No Setup.

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The aptly named start-up ElectroSpit have created what they describe as the world’s most expressive instrument – a tool for anyone and everyone to be able to master the art of unsinging. 

ElectroSpit’s cutting-edge technology offers music lovers new ways of producing melodic and experimental sound while forming words. The ESX-1 is a versatile instrument that’s easy to use, removing all prior barriers and allowing anyone to connect with the talkbox sound and with each other.

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Things are moving fast these days, creativity and passion are reaching new heights thanks to modern tech and communication. We’re excited to see what people come up with using this type of breakthrough. The future looks bright and a whole lot of fun.

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“We’re unlocking the imagination of music creators around the world by showing them how simple and expressive an instrument can truly be.”

“We put our hearts, soul, and creative energy into designing and building ElectroSpit. As a hardware project we are also aware that there will be challenges of manufacturing, production, shipping worldwide and more. Our promise is that we’ll rise to meet all these challenges and more with the combined experience and passion our team brings to this project.” – ElectroSpit.

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ElectroSpit was created by producers for producers. Visit the ElectroSpit Website or Kickstarter Campaign to order or for more information. Find & follow them on YouTubeTwitter & Instagram to show your support & to stay updated.

ElectroSpit Mobile Talkbox Kickstarter from Bosco Kante on Vimeo.

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