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EFF IT! I’ll Do It Myself Podcast with CEO SELF


Artist and entrepreneur CEO SELF hosts this uniquely driven deep-dive into what life is really like for an independent music publisher, producer, and recording artist.

Leading with an extensive background in the industry and immediately high energy levels, EFF IT! I’ll Do It Myself takes a little of that Russ level of drive and determination, and crafts thirty-minute-long sessions that get straight into the details and facts regarding building something worthwhile in the music world.

Far from merely word-play or motivational, the podcast talks business, intricacies, everything from creativity to networking, artist development, booking agents and management. If you’re looking to make things work in music, whatever your current role, CEO SELF will show you what needs to be done. He also showcases his own continuous climb in the same instance – laying all his cards on the table, making this a notably genuine, believable and captivating go-to.

This podcast is for the underdogs and music entrepreneurs of the world, to find the tools and inspiration to make waves within the industry. The indie world has been growing exponentially of late – you don’t need a label anymore, you don’t need to be backed by any specific mainstream name. You can build your own story of success from scratch – you just have to put in the work, and stay focused. This podcast is here to help you do exactly that. Not to be missed.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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