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Decorating Pages (PODCAST)


A beautifully niche new show, 23 episodes deep already and crafted with perfect relevance throughout. Decorating Pages pays tribute to and explores in depth the unsung heroes of TV and film – the set designs, those who designed them, and the powerful effect these can have on the resulting product.

From Parks and Rec through to Wheel Of Fortune, episodes cover any and all bases, often welcoming professionals from the scene to talk exclusively about design decisions and to authentically take listeners behind the scenes to hear all about the whole process.

While there’s a specific focus and intention to each episode, the discussions within generally offer both inspiration and motivation in terms of creative pursuits and career steps. The host leads with thoughtful questions, which means that in most cases the guest is gifted an open stage to express and develop their story and the details that led to what we visually experience on the screen. The whole thing effectively bridges that gap, takes you into the show, shines a light on how things came to be, and why, and all of this is fascinating to listen to.

The information presented is also notably actionable, whether you work in (or simply have a fondness for) film or design, or purely have a rightful interest in the power of well-arranged, relevant visuals over the human mind and the stories delivered amidst them.

Really unique, professionally put together, featuring insightful, honest conversations, which seem as if they’d be exactly the same whether you were listening or not. A real pleasure to have play for you. Decorating Pages opens up a plethora of truth and allows listeners to gather a stronger understanding of the world of TV and film.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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