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Dating In SF, with Mike & Mike – PODCAST


A couple of San Francisco bachelors on a quest to find the women of their dreams.

Mike and Mike host the unapolagetically honest and historically relevant podcast that is Dating in SF. Talking topics directly related to their own experiences within the dating scene in San Francisco, the pair lead with unedited realness, yet they still manage to come through as respectful and genuinely likable – making the show an easy hit, and a great way to fill the silence as you go about your day.

With a population of well over 800,ooo, I’m guessing there are a fair few San Francisco-based singles who will relate quite heavily to this podcast. To be fair though, the dating game is fairly universal – if you’re currently going through the trials and tribulations of trying to find the right partner, anywhere in the world, or if you’re just plain intrigued as to what it’s like for those who are; Dating in SF is a must.

Mike and Mike are a joy to listen to. They’re completely themselves, thoughtful in how they address this subject, honest; even portraying relatable vulnerability on occasion. You’d likely hope the dating search doesn’t go on for too long for either of them, though at 22 episodes deep – they’re undoubtedly onto something with this show.

A fascinating and topically relevant podcast, welcoming and accessible for all – far from exclusive to straight males – complete with audience awareness and invitation to ask questions, and furthermore – recorded at a superbly crisp quality; a simple trait, you’d think, but something that seems to fall below par with many indie podcasts.

Whatever assumptions you might make about the show before listening, you can trust that there’s actually a whole lot within that will interest and connect with you. Absolutely worth discovering. Enjoy.

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