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Curious Expression – Interesting Guests Share Knowledge & Experience (PODCAST)


Introducing an uninhibited Podcast devoted to exploring the deeper intricate topics that captivate – Curious Expression is an aptly-titled new interview show, presenting hour-long episodes that delve into a plethora of compelling topics.

Hosted by the inquisitive Pinder Singh, the Curious Expression Podcast welcomes a wealth of interesting guests from spiritualists with fascinating stories to fitness experts, students of algorithms, science and math, Space, the rise of AI, and plenty more.

One recent episode of the Podcast features the thoughtful Summer Jean, and takes on the subjects of Spirituality, Understanding, Therapy, Emotions and Faith. The format is that of a storytelling, personally revealing and vulnerable conversation, prompted by contemplative and aptly-curious questions from the host Pinder.

Having launched just this past September, Curious Expression is a relatively new podcast, but has already launched a host of intriguing discussions covering a range of themes. Whatever you’re looking for, whether first-hand insight into leadership, or something more religious or evocative as a means of aiding your journey towards self-discovery, there’s undoubtedly something worth pondering within.

Pinder Singh not only takes a polite and genuinely interested approach with his guests, opening the floor for them to talk their truth and connect with listeners, but he also chooses only the most like-minded dreamers and thinkers to be interviewed – those with an authentic and engaging story to tell.

Inspiration often starts with stories from those who’ve made significant changes or taken influential pathways in life, and the Curious Expression Podcast seems like the ideal place to seek out precisely that.

Visit the Curious Expression Website or find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

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