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Creatively Fresh – 10 Producers Pushing Boundaries


Over the past 24 months we’ve covered a superb amount of producers who are pushing the limits of creativity and crafting unique, expressive, hard hitting soundscapes. Narrowing it down to ten wasn’t easy, so consider this part one.


Foux’s EP Boréal is the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign. As an artist, his dedication to creating has driven him to work and hone his skills throughout his life, to the point that he has masterfully perfected his own style of artistry, and furthermore, is willingly and necessarily pushing the ‘business’ side of things in a bid to reach a wider audience and continue making music full time.

As a playlist, Boréal is a beauty. As a musician and producer, Foux is someone you quite possibly have missed out on for far too long now. The music is superb, and it makes such a difference to know of the humanity and heart that came before it. Well worth paying attention to.

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Traveling Outside The Body is an incredibly atmospheric and complex collection of compositions, the likes of which range from the deeply thoughtful and provocative, to the ultimately calming and consciously soothing. The detail and artistry of the project is something to admire in itself, though the overall gift it gives to its audience is something to be incredibly grateful for. DepthCruiser has an absolute ability to create and craft these entrancing, revealing experiences through audio.

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Midnight Watchman

An intriguing and mesmerising experience, every sound that emerges is impossible to predict. The feelings you get while listening move from calm to concerned at barely a second’s notice. Midnight Watchman is an unmissable musician and creative, and Liquid Universe as an album is well worth experiencing in full.

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Dobie gets it right every time. The music is flawlessly, masterfully crafted and presented. This particular release brings together the strength and brilliance of iconic, authentic trance, and something a little more melodic and personal. That element of realness is the words that pour out, the melody that softly asks for your affection, the imagery that welcomes and involves you – and the vastness of the space that does the same. The louder you listen, the more profound and all-encompassing the effect becomes.

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Serge Bulat

Sometimes you come across a project that just immediately gets inside of your head space. The backdrop to some unheard of and previously un-thought of story just unfolds in your mind, and every sound and every note and every effect just further builds and builds on this atmospheric array of art. Queuelbum is exactly this kind of project.

Queuelbum – a shifting realm of sound, visual art and philosophy; your ultimate race against time and limitations. The experience requires maximum involvement: challenge your imagination and be willing to break the rules of logic. Serge Bulat.

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This is really a project that needs to be listened to in full, several times over. JEIA’s talent is incomparable, her drive and passion to creative and capture new and unexpected sounds and samples is seemingly unstoppable, and the focus and professionalism required to put the perfect finishing touches on all of this means that there’s simply no getting around it – she is, by far, one of the most impressive producers and creatives of recent years.

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Beneath The Surface 016 is an hour long episode of music from LA based artist and producer Submersive. As a listening experience, this is one that surrounds and submerges you – cleverly, relevantly – in a blissfully atmospheric and intricate world of progressive trance and psy-trance. The journey is one that connects in an instant, and if you let it – it will carry your thoughts and your feelings along for the full extent of the release.

Trance, in my opinion, is the continuation of what the earliest humans discovered: the connection between music & soul. That’s what I aim to accomplish with every one of my songs.” – Submersive.

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One of the great things about this collection that really strikes as unique to SIENNÁ, is the very specific and unusual use of certain sounds and effects. Within any one track, the mood is laid out by the emotion of the piece, the vibe is set by the artist’s precise talent for capturing a particular moment or set of feelings, yet in among that you can focus, if you choose, on any one part of any track, and be quite amazed at what you find there.

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Oblik Lines

Oblik Lines is a unique experimental project from artist and composer Sebastien Gulluni. The creative works in various fields relating to sound design, and his EP Call showcases a captivating collection of compositions resulting from everything he’s learned and experienced over the years.

“For me, the beauty of music and arts in general is the ability to evoke emotions in human beings. A piece of music can be interpreted in several ways but the music that touches you deeply can send you back to your personal experiences. Instrumental music, for example, can be sometimes more universal than words to express human emotions. Regardless of your mother tongue, you will be able to understand and build your personal interpretation of music – even without lyrics.” – Sebastien Gulluni, Oblik Lines.

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Middle Child

Mercy lets you escape; it takes over your consciousness and affects you in the way that great music should. While you can feel the depth and sentiment of the song in relation to the artist who crafted it, you can also freely connect your own experiences with it. The sound of children playing, the distant crackle of a voice captured long ago, the lyrics – brief but powerful – and then the eruption of this manic yet blissful listening experience that has been composed with absolute individuality. It’s an unmissable release, much more than just music.

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