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Communication Queen Podcast – Podcasting Advice from Global Leaders in the Realm


“Pairing service-based entrepreneurs with podcast audiences who need their story…and their services.”

As the podcast realm continues to expand and effectively overthrow mainstream entertainment, knowing how to get your independent podcast to stand out and reach a sustainable, successful level is essential. Enter Communication Queen, Podcast wholly devoted to exploring the intricacies of building a globally unstoppable Podcast in a fast-paced world.

Hosted by the relatable, friendly and engaging Kimberly Spencer, Communication Queen presents a series of interviews with 7-figure CEOs and Global Top 100 Podcasters, delving into topics ranging from earning an income as a Podcaster to entrepreneurship, marketing, storytelling, and public speaking.

Episode 5 as a fine example welcomes the insightful and impressively humble Laura Aura – founder and host of the Gutsy Podcast. The conversation details Laura’s own rise from obscurity to global success, by way of various challenges, the need for flexibility and action, and plenty more. Laura’s honesty in relaying the very beginning of her journey is particularly compelling and inspiring to listen to.

Kimberly Spencer always makes for a welcoming host, asking inquisitive questions that prompt guests to open up in an authentic and informative way. Communication Queen is ultimately a Podcast designed to assist service-based entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches and consultants, and as such teaches listeners how to hone their storytelling and speaking skills to leverage podcasting as a genuine form of lead generation.

Episodes are both inspiring and educational, and the hope is that even the new starters to podcasting may one day be guests themselves – telling the story of how they rose up from barely scraping by to earning a noteworthy living as an entrepreneur.

An essential resource for seasoned podcasters and start-ups alike, Communication Queen will help you master the art of communication, and in the process develop a captivating podcast that will naturally grow its audience over time.

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