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Chasing Prophecy – Paranormal Radio From Pittsburgh


Introducing a podcast that evidently needs no introduction at all – a paranormal show with a live-streaming twist, and a history spanning back to 2020; Chasing Prophecy is a uniquely entertaining radio show, presented LIVE from Pittsburgh on a weekly basis.

Jennie Nicassio and Tom Cahue share hosting duties, an instantly likable dynamic for its balancing of friendship and a keen interest in the paranormal subject matter at hand.

From renowned tales to those lesser talked about, Chasing Prophecy explores conspiracies, UFOs, ghost stories, legends and myths from across the globe. No topic is off limits, and by all accounts, the intention is to leave no stone unturned.

Most recently, M.K. (Kathy) McDaniel makes for a captivating guest. The author of Misfit In Hell To Heaven Expat presents as a superb storyteller, gripping listeners from the outset with her tales of a dramatically life-changing Near-Death Experience (NDE).

Having battled lung failure during the late nineties, Kathy ultimately fell into a coma, and went on an incomparable journey through darkness into the light of Heaven; something that forever impacted her future trajectory. Kathy had never been religious in the past, but effectively and quite instantly became a deeply spiritual person after this experience of the greater realm.

It’s a wholly fascinating episode, to say the least, and Kathy’s personality and passion in relaying what happened add an additional layer of likability to enthral you.

A brilliantly engaging and unique podcast and radio show. Episodes of Chasing Prophecy are streamed LIVE from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia every Tuesday at 7pm EST. The paranormal radio show is an hour long, and features a range of discussions and guests that cover any and all issues pertaining to the paranormal and supernatural realms.

Visit the Chasing Prophecy Website, find their live streams on Facebook, or check out all prior episodes on Spotify.

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