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Building A Business That Lasts (PODCAST)


Jay Owen hosts this professional deep-dive into all things business and success. Rather than adopting a holier than thou approach to this, however, Jay’s tone and the overall mood of the podcast is refreshingly down to earth, meaning that his array of guests tend to feel equally at ease during episodes – thus opening up in uniquely compelling, endearing and engaging ways.

Already 76 episodes deep, Building A Business That Lasts has long since found its flow as a niche yet broadly appealing, focused podcast. Every week Jay welcomes on a business owner from a variety of fields, always someone who has been in business for over a decade, and in every case the conversation quickly captivates as the guests delve into their backstory – the ups, the downs, their ultimate ‘why’, as well as what worked along the way; and what didn’t.

A recent episode tackles the current global pandemic and the effect of this on so many businesses. If you’re someone in that same boat yourself, this session is invaluable. Not purely for the optimism and kind nature on display by all speakers, but for the knowledgeable and actionable insight and advice that’s likely to prove incredibly beneficial right now.

From leadership to strategies, increasing profits and improving productivity, by way of marketing, remote working, expansion, referrals, strength, legacy, and everything in between – Building A Business That Lasts delivers precisely what the title promises. Well worth letting play as you navigate your way through the new world.

Check out all episodes here.

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