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Bruh Issa Murder – PODCAST


Bruh Issa Murder is an independent podcast that sees the hosts discuss different true-crime topics each episode, relating to people of colour and the LGBTQ+ communities among them.

The real-life stories they deal with range from age-old, archaic tales to contemporary events and tragedies. Though the subject matter is often intense and relates to unthinkable difficulties and turmoil, the hosts approach it in every case with a natural and calming energy. There’s an informal nature to the show, and with this comes a valuable sense of realness. Rather than being simply read to, you’re witnessing the stories told in real-time – and the subsequent authentic reactions to them from the other party. This makes it feel way more like a group of friends talking about serious topics and inviting you to join the conversation.

A recent episode entitled Ferguson Murders & Renee Davis sees the duo delve into the unusual deaths of certain men of colour who were involved as activists during the Ferguson Protests. The hosts take their time getting into the details of the story, essentially softening the blow and making the heavy nature of the details a little easier to take. It’s a clever and appealing way to tackle difficult issues. At no point does it feel like you’re being talked at or preached to, far from it – this is a genuinely organic discussion, presenting intelligent and articulate insights, and often providing an informative look at historical events that matter but that were previously overlooked by the media around the time. This episode also covers the death of Renee Davis, who was killed by police during a wellness check. The Native American Lives Matter movement is referenced as well.

During the mid-show breaks, the hosts play music from independent, up and coming artists – sharing their platform with other hard-working creatives, as well as gifting their audience with some brand new tracks and musicians to enjoy. Absolutely worth letting play. Insightful, honest, reflective and informative, and deeply supportive of smaller communities and artists who rarely get the spotlight or love they deserve. A pleasure to stumble upon.

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